Slime Village MOD APK (Menu/Gem/Experience Multiplier) 0.3.5

Updated 28/11/2023 (2 days ago)
NameSlime Village APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Gem/Experience Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Slime Village

Slime Village MOD APK – is a vast area outside the world’s natural laws with strange creatures living inside. All of its inhabitants are humans made of an unknown blue chemical. However, they are very friendly and can communicate with each other through a particular language. You will be their new leader on the way to fight against evil enemies and control each person to rebuild the ruined buildings. Get more resources by doing quests and keep using them to restore your home. Join the fierce battlefield, and fight cunningly against those more vital than you.

The game has many unique systems and features, all of which can fix your problem after each fight. If the citizens have died heroically, you can completely regenerate their bodies. Equip them with primary weapons and armor to make it harder for the fighting force to be destroyed. Collect the most notable types of equipment and fuse them to create the most special hero style. Gems are not just for decoration; they can be combined with special liquids and make your hero significantly increase his combat ability and survive critical hits.

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Download Slime Village MOD APK – The fight for freedom in the homeland of liquid warriors

The village of slime creatures used to be highly peaceful when the residents lived in harmony with nature; spells and magic were used for research and life development for the people. People are happier. But after millennia of being unconquered, the village didn’t take precautions and was invaded by infidels. They hit important strongholds and places where magical energy was extracted. The inhabitants do not seem to be fighting against these evil invaders. You are the only ray of hope for this slime legion; help them regain their beautiful homeland.

Slime Village mod apk free min

Collect resources

The primary sources of materials you need to collect are ancient gold coins, diamonds, and magic stones. Which magic stone will be the most common type in large quantities, then the remaining two resources. These materials have a vital role and are how you can operate everything in the game. For example, when you want to repair buildings that have been robbed and destroyed, you need workers and a few resources. Even if you want to improve your hero, enhance weapons or combine powerful equipment, a certain amount of money is required.

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Fight smartly

Your army is vast but not as strong as you think. When confronting large creatures, you should not concentrate all your forces in one place but must attack from many directions. This will cause the enemy to be scattered; although their attack will be powerful, it cannot immediately destroy your mini army. When they attack one side, it will create conditions for the other side to fight and deal damage to the enemy. This is just one of the classic tactics; you can completely control your troops and have unique fighting styles in your way.

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Strengthening the army’s equipment

Initially, the soldiers were rather poorly equipped with not-so-strong weapons. The number is the strength of this army, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to upgrade your equipment. Combat items include weapons and armor so that soldiers become more resilient and deal more damage when on the battlefield. Don’t rush to feel disappointed when you level up your attack equipment and see that its damage is not too significant; just a little increase in damage, with many soldiers, can ultimately cause infinite damage. Terrible.

Slime Village mod apk min

Uncover the mysteries deep in the earth

In addition to rebuilding the buildings above and fighting the big guys above the ground, you must go deep underground to chase them away. There will be places where they find treasures and won’t let you set foot. Defeat all the sentinels and retrieve ancient treasures to strengthen your army. In addition to the treasure chests, there are many mysteries inside the ground, so prepare your army best before starting to explore this scary area. Once you have defeated all the invaders, you have successfully helped the people here, so join Slime Village MOD APK now.

How to Download & Install Slime Village MOD APK (Menu/Gem/Experience Multiplier) for Android


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