Slider Scouts MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.8

Updated 22/07/2023 (9 months ago)
NameSlider Scouts APK
PublisherFlipline Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Introduce MOD APK Slider Scouts

When we discover something, it must be as convincing as Slider Scouts. You will build yourself enough good conditions to create an incredible journey. Find valuables from challenging puzzles from ancient ruins. Intelligence and high speed will take you through them. Clever and careful not to fall into traps. Move wise and remove all the things that stand in your way. Go for more amazing achievements that you don’t have yet. Make drastic changes with the immutable histories of the world.

Puzzles will have many types, and players can hardly choose the kind they want. You can try Slider Scouts because it has a rather strange rule. Unlike other products with too popular and old gameplay. Discover interesting moving systems. Play until failure; every calculation can lead you to success—nice overview image with lots of colours and quality tasks. Keep you playing forever without ever getting bored with this classic and unfussy. We will go from being regular people to an expert in puzzle discovery.

Slider Scouts mod apk

Download Slider Scouts mod – Explore dangerous places

You have become the commander of a promising scout camp. We need to build our force even stronger to meet the requirements. Upgrade your base to a place that thrives on adventure. You will have to solve the game’s challenging puzzles yourself. Make it possible for your member to walk independently in a horizontal or vertical direction. Find your way to the item you need without hitting the surrounding traps. At the same time, removing those who stand in the course is also necessary. The bravery of the Scouts will mine the ancient ruins. If you fail, you can start over from the beginning.

Quests and rewards

You will have to send your scouts to explore the great monuments. They will bring back valuable rewards and resources to the camp. The things that you need to do will include the main task and add to the side quests. When the pile of work is done, hidden rewards can be won. Precious coins to scale the model. The reward levels are pretty diverse and are based on the quest’s difficulty. The more you play, the faster your progression will be. Slider Scouts need players with the most challenging work and determination to honour them.

Slider Scouts mod free

Comfortable decoration

Your camp can be decorated with whatever style you want. The decorations are always available in the store for you to buy. They can also appear by date for high-rarity items. Giant statues can be placed in proper places. Create beautiful desks where members can sit. Buy new flags and emblems to honour your camp. Should use the budget for decoration reasonably. If you waste too much, you won’t be able to grow fast. Make your base the place to make the most decisive mark.

Slider Scouts mod

Collect members

We must do everything we can to find new scouts to enhance our promotion. Scouts will be gathered from the chapter’s critical challenges. You can also get more members by going to the store and choosing. Each member will give us new advantages. They can go on expeditions and come back with lots of good items. Suitable investments will bring you abundant harvests. Slider Scouts mod always directs players to more advanced conquests.

How to Download & Install Slider Scouts MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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