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For each person, sleep plays a very important role. Affect the health and productivity of each person. If you often lose sleep, the next morning you will feel tired. Sleep as Android is an app that helps you track your sleep. See if the amount of time you slept the previous day was enough so that you can adjust it accordingly. Makes a deeper, more effective sleep. Sleep as Android provides many features to the user. To wake you up every morning, the obsession of waking up will be gone. Use Sleep as Android to monitor sleep mode, sleep conditioning is stable.

The loss of sleep frequently affects health seriously. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good sleep regime. Monitor when you have symptoms of insomnia, trouble sleeping. Sleep as Android is one of the utility apps. With the functions of control, sleep regulation. Sleep as Android cares about your sleep patterns. Give the best solution for you to fix the problem you are having. A good night’s sleep will not be difficult anymore. Let Sleep as Android help you get the sleep you want. Don’t let your insomnia continue.

Sleep as Android mod

Download Sleep as Android mod – Sleep conditioner

Now, Sleep as Android will help regulate your sleep. Keep track of how many hours you slept the day before. On average, each person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep as Android will have statistics for the number of hours you have slept. By looking at it you will know your time. Then adjust so that it is reasonable to get enough sleep. For you to have good health to work and study with high results. Sleep as Android is the perfect choice for you. Sleep will be a top priority, ensuring the quality of that sleep.

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One of the features of Sleep as Android is an alarm. Waking up in the morning is what makes you feel tired. Or you often overslept and are late for work. Sleep as Android with the ability to gently wake up. Don’t make you startled because the bells are too loud. Because during sleep, there will be times when you are sleeping deeply. If the surprise of the bell with the sound is too loud. That will make you feel more uncomfortable and tired. That way, Sleep as Android will wake you up a few minutes ahead of time. With a very gentle notification sound that does not startle you.

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Tracking mode

Sleep as Android with one key function is to track your sleep. The application will analyze as well as give the statistics. See your sleep so you can check for your own sleep as well. For you to understand more and have for yourself solutions to improve sleep better. The analysis chart will be very detailed for users to follow. Any movement of the heartbeat as well as problems related to sleep. Both are closely monitored by Sleep as Android and give out the parameters. So when you look at it you will know your sleep status.

Sleep as Android mod apk

Alarm sound

Surely the sound in alarm applications is no stranger to you. Sleep as Android synthesizes extremely gentle sounds. As the voices of nature, bring a sense of tranquility and tranquility. It is the sound of the wind blowing through each leaf, the sound of birds singing in the green trees. All those sounds are gentle, deep. Sleep as Android synthesizes rich music. Gives you the option to set on alarms. Also when you find it difficult to sleep. Turn on the music and it will make it easier for you to fall asleep. Listen to music and sleep well.

Sleep as Android mod android

Sleep as Android app helps to control your sleep. Bring features and tools to the alarm. Wake you up on time every morning. Sleep as Android will always accompany you to have a deep sleep. Let the user know the sleep status. There are more measures for yourself as well as conditioning for sleep. Download the Sleep as Android mod to track your own sleep mode.

Download Sleep as Android MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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