Simple Weather & Clock Widget MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 1.0.27

Updated 14/10/2023 (2 months ago)
NameSimple Weather & Clock Widget APK
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Simple Weather & Clock Widget

Weather is the top concern when we intend to go out; instead of updating the weather situation through newsletters at a fixed time of the day, perhaps weather applications would be a more reasonable choice. If users need to check the weather and time most simply, maybe the Simple Weather & Clock Widget is a suitable application. An application with a simple design that meets the essential criteria of the user without complicating or confusing the user with the information it provides because everything is at the most understandable level. Any trip requires preparation; even if you go out for about five to ten minutes, you should check the day’s weather to avoid unexpected situations.

It can be said that the weather is highly unpredictable and constantly changing; one second, it is still sunny, and the next moment, it can pour down a huge shower. So download the Simple Weather & Clock Widget app today to know the weather change and times of different locations when users make long trips such as travel or long business. Day.

Simple Weather Clock Widget mod apk free

Download Simple Weather & Clock Widget mod – Check weather and time of locations

Simple Weather & Clock Widget is an application capable of providing accurate weather conditions and a time when the user is living or anywhere in the world. With this application, users will know when the outdoor temperature will decrease, when it is easy to rain if it is windy, and when the sun will set. Using charts and icons, Simple Weather & Clock Widget will show users the change of weather in the most precise and detailed way, from temperature, precipitation, and humidity in the air to the wind level. Not only telling about the climate, Simple Weather & Clock Widget also tells users whether the place they are about to go to is night or day and what time it is.

Simple Weather Clock Widget mod

Set the positions

First, users need to allow this application to access the current location so that it updates and gives users the most accurate information about the weather and time of where the user is living. Besides manual settings, Simple Weather & Clock Widget also can change the location based on the user’s movement by activating the automatic location tracking feature. Thus, no matter where the user goes, to another city or country, this application will promptly provide all the necessary data related to that place. In addition, Simple Weather & Clock Widget has no limit on the number of locations, so users are free to add a bunch of cities they are interested in to check their climate.

Simple Weather Clock Widget mod android

Add a widget to the screen

Simple Weather & Clock Widget allows users to add widgets to the home screen so that even without direct access to the application, users can still understand the weather situation where they stop. To create devices, users need to open a custom page and select the type of information they want to display, then drag and drop is done. Viewing the weather and time individually or combined simultaneously is up to the user’s discretion and intended use. The widget of Simple Weather & Clock Widget can be displayed simultaneously on the main screen and the desktop, and the user can arrange the widget’s position as he wants. Above, below, in the middle, or in the corner of the screen, users can move the gadget in a highly comfortable way.

Simple Weather Clock Widget mod android free

Customize widgets

When added to the screen, simple Weather & Clock Widget widgets will have the most basic shape possible, and users can change their design to suit their personality best. Feel free to decorate the widget to see the weather and time on your device with lovely background colors, funny icons, images, and diverse fonts, and adjust the transparency and layout of the widget. It’s time for users to create a utility only users have. Depending on the user’s customization, the utility will change in many ways, bringing a new, more exciting weather viewing experience than ever. Get helpful information about weather fluctuations while decorating your phone with beautiful widgets designed by users.

Simple Weather Clock Widget mod apk

Download Simple Weather & Clock Widget mod that updates the movement of weather, time, and other helpful information about every area.

How to Download & Install Simple Weather & Clock Widget MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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