SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 2.6.0

Updated 13/06/2021 (3 years ago)
NameSIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker

You must have also encountered many calls from unknown numbers. That will waste time and annoy you. Makes you feel uncomfortable, and doesn’t want that to happen. SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker is an application that will block such calls. Do not make you will be contacted by those phone calls again. SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker is a tool to help users stop receiving unwanted calls. It is one of the apps with outstanding functionality. As more and more anonymous phone calls. Make you, as well as many others, feel uncomfortable. SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker is the solution to overcome that.

Sometimes you are entertaining in games, listening to music. But getting calls to and from unknown numbers. Affects the gameplay as well as the time you relax. It can happen continuously. You still do not know how to solve the most effectively. Come to SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker now. Bringing support tools as well as many new features. So that the device will no longer receive such calls, together with SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker, remove all unwanted incoming calls. Provides quick contact blocking functions. Get together with SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker and do it at lightning speed. With just one click, all calls will be undone.

SIM Blocker Call Blocker mod android

Download SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker mod – Block anonymous calls

You don’t want unknown calls to your device. If this situation occurs continuously, it will affect emotions. Users also do not complete their tasks. So what will have to be done to prevent it from happening again? SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker is an option that you should have on your device. Get the functionality you want. Easy to use and perform with simple operations. From there, you will no longer be caught with many spam calls. Quick termination from anonymous and no specific information. SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker is used on most mobile devices. Make sure you deal with any calls you want to block.

SIM Blocker Call Blocker mod apk

Supports blocking on multiple SIMs

A lot of people are using dual SIM phones. To be able to save multiple contacts and make different calls. Therefore, if you use a number blocking application, some applications will only respond to blocking phone numbers on one SIM. Thus, it will not completely overcome the situation of anonymous numbers calling. But SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker then you will no longer have to worry. Application for blocking on both SIMs. When performing an operation for one SIM, it will automatically block the other SIM immediately. Just minimize the steps and completely block both SIMs in that device. This outstanding feature has made many SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker users. Meet the requirements and functions for users to perform.

SIM Blocker Call Blocker mod free

No more annoying

The function that SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker brings. You will no longer be bothered by such calls. In particular, the application also has a feature to set a blocking time for calls during the time period set by the user. Incoming calls are automatically blocked immediately. No matter what you do, the contacts will no longer come across. SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker is an effective blocking app. This will be an effective measure if you are attending an event or entering an interview. The ringing of the phone can also greatly affect the results you are participating in. This feature will be the best way to not cause inconvenience to users.

SIM Blocker Call Blocker mod

Quick setup on the device

Most of the devices in use can use SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker. How to set up settings quickly. Just install it on your computer, and you can use it as usual. Manage calls and contacts. Add to the blacklist the phone numbers you want. After a few uses, it is possible to complete the blocking of numbers. SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker also ensures user safety. With a simple interface but still provides all the features. Moreover, you can also unblock with mobile numbers. Completely customized by you with its own tools and functions. Compatible and launch on any mobile device. To all those who are experiencing unwanted calls every day. Will eliminate and prevent as much as possible. Download SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker mod that automatically blocks all incoming calls.

How to Download & Install SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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