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NameShop Titans APK
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Introduce MOD APK Shop Titans

Warriors are constantly fighting and will stop by a shop in almost every story. That’s right, it’s the weapon store. Along with the craftsman’s appointments for the item. Rather a powerful weapon for each warrior. And in this Shop Titans game, you will understand a little more about the work of talented craftsmen. How do they deliver so many precious and expensive items. And when they’re not selling weapons, what do they do to pass the time? All in this simulation game.

Play as an arms dealer and hirer. You will be living in the medieval world. Cooperate with weapons blacksmiths, alchemists, monks, carpenters. Let them deliver the products to you. You will sell them in your shop to attract warriors and adventurers. A thriving business will lead to huge profits. From there, expand your business and cooperate in trading more types of products.

Shop Titans mod

Download Shop Titans – Trading in combat gear and equipment

Take the first step of building your store. Initially, it will be just a small shop. Sign contracts with many cheap blacksmiths. Trade the first weapons that match your abilities. Just attract many customers, sell a large number of products. Then move on to signing more high-priced contracts. But still, keep the old contract. So the amount of money you earn will be more and more. Enough capital to profit and own a lot of money. Upgrade your storage space and decor to a fresher and more comfortable look.

All types of heroes can visit your shop in Shop Titans. As long as you sell the weapons they need. Like warriors, ninjas, dwarves, swordsmen… Lots of different types of people. If you find a weapon you like. They will buy it and you will make a profit. Even if business prospers, you are allowed to hire adventurers. Assign them the task of exploring many different lands. Bring back a variety of rare resources. Of course, you have to provide equipment so that they can start with peace of mind.

Shop Titans mod apk

Buy weapons and rare items

Your store can sell all kinds of items. From swords, hammers, knives to shields, health potions, mana… Just reach enough levels and earn certain profits. Please upgrade and add them regularly in case there is a shortage of goods and not timely delivery to customers. Every time customers enter the store, what customers want to buy will appear right above their head. You just need to prepare them for them to choose the fastest way and pay right away. There are also rare items that can only be obtained during expeditions and special events. They will certainly sell for a very good price and make a good profit for you.

Shop Titans mod apk free

Level up warriors to explore the world

The warriors that you hire will depend on your money to rely on a certain level of strength and weakness. In the beginning, it was advisable to hire amateur adventurers. Earn a moderate amount of resources to hedge against risks. The warriors you hire will have to cross many lands. Encounter dangerous monsters and bosses. You will directly direct them to fight. At the same time, provide equipment and upgrade them to more powerful levels. Exploration will bring back many valuable resources to produce weapons. Or better luck and find precious items and treasures.

Shop Titans mod mod

Selling all over the world

Yes, you’re not the only one in this arms business. There are also many other players’ shops in the world. If lucky connect and be friends with them. You will be able to exchange many valuable items at very good prices. The exchanges take place continuously, the profit of the store will increase. When attracting many customers warriors and adventurers to buy goods. You can also exchange other store’s warriors on the condition that they are safe. Just exchange strong warriors. The adventure will be easier. Not only that, the opportunity to earn more rare items and resources is even higher.

Shop Titans mod free

Shop Titans is a business simulation game with beautiful 3D graphics. The store interface when upgrading and building more will be extremely beautiful. The items are diverse and have a certain difference between the market price and the selling price in the store. You can apply a lot of business skills in the game. Become the richest weapons dealer. Connect with people around the world and trade everything. Download Shop Titans now to own the world’s largest weapons store.

How to Download & Install Shop Titans APK for Android


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