Sea Lords MOD APK (Menu/Gold x20) 4.3.2

Updated 24/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameSea Lords APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Gold x20
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Sea Lords

Then becoming the sea king will only be available to members of the Sea Lords. A fleet consisting of the most daring and brave pirates. They rented a simple boat, but it was filled with pride. Ready to move at sea for a long day. Attack all other pirate ships and cargo ships to earn benefits. We will accumulate a lot more wealth than we can imagine. It can only be a one-on-one battle. That is the true feeling of a pirate with the ambition to dominate the sea.

Well, then, we can become a pirate just like we wanted to be as kids. It’s truly a great experience to be exaggerated in Sea Lords. Where the pirates wildly compete with each other and try to reach the top. The details are done constructively and decisively. Wish you can recover many good memories in the times of playing. We strive to be something to create our empire. Even if you are not the strongest, but with the greatest ambition, you will quickly succeed.

Sea Lords mod apk

Download the Sea Lords mod app – Dominate the ocean with pirates.

Our main character sets sail with a group of people who are pirates. This pirate will begin with a highly arduous journey. His Facebook friend harvested the resources located in the sea. Even looting needed to be done. We approach cargo ships or other pirate ships to rob. Harvest as many resources as you can and gradually build your ship stronger. This is to show off your strength and fight stronger enemies. It will be beneficial for your raid. Defeat every other boat and become the most vital band of bandits.

Commodity Exchange

There may not be enough on the boat for the upgrade. So we have to go to the merchants to start the exchange. Tell her to find the goods she wants and exchange them for the gold she gets. The value of items depends on their use and usefulness. This is like going to the market and buying your favorite and necessary things. It is straightforward for us to see what we are missing. However, it is not always possible to buy the desired item. Many times you will have to wait or be a new trader. There is a high chance that the thing you want can appear at that time.

Sea Lords mod free

The best equipment

For the crew to become stronger, training them with good equipment is also necessary. You have countless types of armor that can be equipped for each member. These armors help increase resistance to damage from opponents. In addition, it also gives the character some other special abilities. Not the next weak are the weapons that the members can use. Those are guns and swords that are always carried with you. These two things can help them fight flexibly. It is better to equip the cannons on the boat. Fighting with other ships also seemed very dangerous.

Sea Lords mod

Finally, there are times when we hijack other ships. With the cargo ships, we need to get past the guards. There is also an air guide on your team that needs to be strong enough to step on it. With the other pirate ships, we attack with the cannon first. Then let your members infiltrate there and destroy all enemies. With the Sea Lords mod app, harvest a lot of good loot on it.

How to Download & Install Sea Lords MOD APK (Menu/Gold x20) for Android


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