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Introduce MOD APK Screen Translate

Suppose you want to confidently improve your foreign language skills to travel worldwide and participate in international working environments. In that case, Screen Translate is a practical and helpful program that you will love. It should be on your mobile device. It not only supports the user’s language learning process, but this application also helps users communicate with foreign objects easily without encountering any obstacles. With Screen Translate, users can quickly search for the words they need to discover and translate sentences on the phone screen quickly and comfortably.

Not only translating foreign text simply, but this translation program also provides users with the exact meaning of proverbs, slang and many other dialects that only native speakers can understand. From there, it helps users to understand more deeply about the language they are studying, making knowledge go into the brain more naturally and effectively than ever before.

Screen Translate mod apk

Download Screen Translate MOD APK – Switch language for all content on the screen

Screen Translate is a translation tool that allows users to translate words, phrases and messages right on the screen of their smartphone or tablet. This tool is often used in many different contexts, especially when users want to quickly translate a specific piece of text without having to copy and paste that text into the translation application. This means that users do not need to switch from one application to another when they want to translate the same content as before. Select the content you want to translate on the screen, and Screen Translate will automatically translate that content into the language the user requests in a blink of an eye. Simple and convenient, making activities that users manipulate on the screen, such as reading newspapers, watching movies, playing games and viewing work documents, are not affected.

Screen Translate mod apk free

Multi-language support

Screen Translate has a multinational vocabulary and a wide selection of languages to translate any text quickly and accurately. Along with translating from English to Vietnamese and vice versa, this program also allows translation into many other languages, including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Greek, Korean, German, French, Spanish and countless other rare languages ​​worldwide. All Screen Translate MOD APK languages have been evaluated and produced by famous language experts, so it offers absolute accuracy on each layer of meaning under detailed and clear explanations. Clear. With this convenient translation application, users can translate a long text into another language without losing the author’s main idea, giving users more confidence when participating in an international environment.

Screen Translate mod android

Translate everything on the screen

If, like other translation applications, you have to copy the content you want to translate and go directly to the homepage to use it; Screen Translate is not like that at all. It has an outstanding translation feature, allowing users to translate all the content they want on the phone screen without switching many times between applications. This function allows users to convert part or all of the text on the screen to the language they need. Just highlight the text to translate and select the language you want to translate, and the system will do the rest automatically. This saves consumers a lot of time and effort when accessing websites, apps or documents in a foreign language. With Screen Translate’s convenient screen translation capabilities, users’ activities or actions on the screen will not be interrupted.

Screen Translate mod

Voice translation and image translation

This app quickly translates voice and images with just a few screen taps. The user can speak into the device’s microphone, and the app will translate that sentence into the desired language. This is extremely important for travelling individuals or wanting to chat with foreigners. As for images, instead of having to retype each word to see its meaning, users need to open the device’s camera and scan, and then the entire content will be converted into the user’s language. Use. With this duo, users can confidently go to any city and country without having to be accompanied by an interpreter because Screen Translate will help users solve all language barriers with just the microphone and camera of their smartphone.

Screen Translate mod android free

Download Screen Translate MOD APK to make translation more accessible and convenient than ever, simplifying unnecessary operations.

How to Download & Install Screen Translate MOD APK (Subscribed) for Android


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