Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 1.18.1

Updated 20/11/2023 (4 months ago)
NameSamedi Manor: Idle Simulator APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator

The dead cannot do anything, but it is possible with Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator. You will become a boss who can control all those who have passed away. Use them to create your legendary empire. Build terrible buildings to create rare materials. Use them to make lots of money and expand your business significantly. Play and grow until you feel like you’re at the top. Anything is possible, as long as you want to do your best.

A horror-themed game is now not too rare to be accessible. It is even created to make it easier for players to access. In it, Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator is an interesting idle game to experience. With the simulation of a small business, you will be able to manage everything yourself. Become a business owner with a lot of wealth. Money can’t buy everything, but the higher its value, the better. So be prepared to find the growth path you desire.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod

Download Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator mod – Grow a dead man business

Life in hell is not as terrifying and chaotic as you might imagine. It operates according to a law that you will establish that order. Invest in your employees like a ferryman or a vampire. Get them to work and bring the products to your warehouse. After the product has arrived at the warehouse, you will receive the amount corresponding to the quantity brought. But the trading process can take a certain amount of time. Players need an upgrade to make their work even more effective. Combine investment and accumulation wisely, and you get everything.

Scaling up

After you have harvested a large amount of money, you can start thinking about scaling. There will be pre-planned plots of land for the new jobs you need. Just click on it and unlock it, and you’re good to go. Each production site will automatically create the best products. Your staff will go around on their own and start gathering resources. The more professions you expand, the more money you have. Anyone will work hard to get the best harvest. The broader your vision, the easier it is to grow a diversified business.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod free

Unique Managers

For the job to go smoothly, you need to have managers. These managers will push the work on your behalf to make it happen faster. Speed ​​up production as well as collect money from workers. Every manager will have their way of doing things efficiently. For example, the death knight can speed up the harvest of the carriage to a higher level. Captain Octopus makes your production faster over time. Any method can create a lot of great benefits. You can collect powerful new managers and have many extraordinary abilities.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod apk


Initially, your business can only be realized by the influence of the players. So it will make us work hard and not be productive. But this is entirely fixable when you have a lot of resources. Look for the undead so they can automate your processes. Help production work no longer has to use too many operations as before. You can rest assured to do other jobs more comfortably. Create even more excellent economic benefits and grow your business faster. The automation continues even after you leave the game.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator mod android

Territory expansion

Your domain will have significant influence over this vast hell realm. So we need to expand it so that more people can know it. We will entrust this task to a brave and strong warrior. Every time you choose to invest in a particular area, he will go and explore. The time to study can be less or more, depending on the land allotted to you. We can invest smartly to save the most resources. Show your business ability with Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator mod.

How to Download & Install Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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