RS File: File Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro)

Updated 29/05/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameRS File: File Manager APK
PublisherRS Mobile Group
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK RS File: File Manager

Managing files and folders is now much more straightforward with RS File: File Manager. The function is proper to its name. Sort files and folders in a particular order. Perform operations to edit and preserve files and folders in the most obvious way. This is a great assistant to help you work with your files faster. The files in the phone are much smaller in size and structure than on the computer. This is also a plus for them to work quickly and without errors. There won’t be any files or folders out of your control.

RS File: File Manager is a local file manager application for smartphones. It supports the sorting of files and folders and provides many actions for you to move, edit and apply them in your work. User testimonials have shown that using RS File: File Manager helps, making normal file operations easier to perform. Thereby you can save a lot of time on other tasks. Leave everything to it, and you collect the results.

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Download RS File: File Manager mod – The number one file and folder management application

Download RS File: File Manager application. All files and folders will be immediately transferred into it. This is a very typical protocol that should not surprise you. It is essential to pay attention to where the files are stored. An area with many folders neatly arranged and organized. Whenever you need to open a folder, tap it and select the file you want. It comes with a lot of tools that we will discuss in the following sections. In the immediate future, you can be assured of the security of RS File: File Manager. There is no way for the files to leak out.

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Work to be done

You can copy files to create a new copy. Slice a few different data to make it easier to distinguish. Delete unnecessary files and unwanted junk files. When needed for work, rename files to professional names to avoid confusion with other files. When you don’t want a particular file to be known to anyone, hide it from your list of public files. Compress and decompress files with breakneck speed without long waiting. If you need to share that file with others, pin it and share it at the requested time.

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File classification

Each file offers a different function and a different format. The most common are still file types such as text, images, audio, video… Each class will be represented by the most recognizable icons. For sound, it will be musical notes, and text is paper with lines of words. The video will be presented in the most complex and recognizable manner. Not only by type but files are also distinguished by their origin. You will easily differentiate between available files and downloaded files whether this file comes from a social network or not. It’s all under the control of RS File: File Manager.

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Link network system

There are five different ways you can represent files, depending on the nature of your work. We will get them from cloud storage applications, connect the LAN to other devices, use the FTP connection, display it to the computer or Bluetooth. These five ways make operations much more diverse and widespread. The protocol difficulty of many specific tasks will undoubtedly be eliminated with these five uses.

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Of course, RS File: File Manager is only for people with problems with their troublesome files. Create a specific order to work more efficiently. RS File: File Manager mod is the best salvation for industrious office workers.

How to Download & Install RS File: File Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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