Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK 8.5.0 (Menu, Dumb enemy/God mode)

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NameRoyal Revolt 2 APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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MOD Infomation

Requirements: Rooted Device + Lucky Patcher

Mod menu

  • Dumb enemy in battle (PvE + PvP, applies to enemy units)
  • God mode (PvE + PvP, applies to your king)

Tower defense until now is still considered as one of the most challenging and attractive genres. That’s why the game Royal Revolt 2 that I want to introduce to you today also has such elements. You will have to do everything to protect your kingdom from monsters everywhere by using forces that you will create. Make sure each level will be an exciting battle between humans and demons. Do everything to protect your castle. Create a squad of unique and intelligent warriors to defeat monsters.

Royal Revolt 2 is the sequel to the highly successful part 1. Show the challenges as well as the mindset of a gamer. Play as a true leader in many consecutive battles. Mobilize forces from everywhere and a variety of different strengths. Then must combine to fight many legions of enemies. It sounds vague and confusing, but you will know what they are when you download and play hire along with the newly crowned king and the queen battle wits. Steer in fascinating chaotic battles.

Royal Revolt 2 mod

Download Royal Revolt 2 – Take charge of the great goalkeeper

With each different map of each level, the world in the game will be huge. All kinds of terrain on various battlefields. Each place, you will have to fight a particular type of monster, from vast savannas to narrow areas of ice and snow. You must be able to dominate on any battlefield. The first is to decide where the battle route will be. Then select the army suitable for that terrain ready to go to war. Monsters can make you feel highly familiar. They have appeared in many other games. There are Goblins, Giants, Elves…

The battle will be started when you have pressed the ready button. At this point, monsters will begin to spill from the lines that have been laid out. To be able to stop them, use your troops. Place where you will let them go to war. All will appear and confront monsters. On our side, there are also many different armies from honest races. Therefore you must fully equip each type of power for those races. Create the most potent multi-racial giant army.

Royal Revolt 2 mod apk

Upgrade army strength

Blacksmith is the most popular place in any weapon-related game. You will go there to create many weapons for yourself. It also gives new powers to races such as dwarves, snowmen, and even humans. Just use the gold coins received from the wins to be able to upgrade the power. The higher it is, the more money you will have to spend. But it is worth it for you to be able to fight off monsters. If there are items you don’t need, remove them to get Pearls. It is used to upgrade the quality of the equipment. There is also magic stone enchantment with many unique effects.

Royal Revolt 2 mod free

Alliance with friends

The game will always be more fun when playing with friends, and this is absolutely true. And not only is it fun, but there can be many interesting benefits as well. In Royal Revolt 2, there was a guild system that was no longer strange. Apply that feature to make more new friends. Together create everyone’s guild, gather to make exciting events. When fighting with guild members, you will have the opportunity to increase your strength many times. This is to take on other guilds in many all-out battles. With all the troops and weapons you have, show your talent to others. Bring joy and other valuable gifts.

Royal Revolt 2 mod apk free

Take care of the main hero

Your hero is the leading warrior in any battle. You will be able to choose a hero from the moment you step into the game. It is so that you can build and develop your hero’s strength through many battles. Shown by health, strength, and leadership stats. The hero will always be the first on the battlefield. That’s why you have to equip the hero with the most types of power. Includes powerful armor and weapons forged in Blacksmith. When he has the necessary strength, a hero can completely make the battles as chaotic and easy as possible.

Royal Revolt 2 free

All the tactics you need to show will determine the outcome of the matches in Royal Revolt 2. How can you stop the invasion from the monster army? Or show leadership and ingenious tactics. All will be in Royal Revolt 2 mod and continue without end.

Download Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/God mode) for Android

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