Rotation – Orientation Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 28.2.0

Updated 12/05/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameRotation – Orientation Manager APK
PublisherPranav Pandey
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Rotation – Orientation Manager

An application where we use different tools will give different results. That is Rotation – Orientation Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro). The system automatically rotates when we perform a specific operation on the smartphone. Rotation – Orientation Manager will create different effects when you make a call, lock the screen, plug in a headset, plug in the charger… In general, any operation will be a surprise for the user. Impact on the physical operation of the smartphone is rare. And it will become a reality when you have a Rotation – Orientation Manager.

Set up your phone to rotate in different directions when performing various tasks. Want to know what signal your phone is receiving? Use its vibration to know what’s on display instantly. Of course, you have to set them up in advance and remember all the actions you decide. After that, use your smartphone as usual. When a signal comes in, observe how the phone vibrates. From there, know immediately which signal is from which source to decide whether to see them or not. Combines smooth vibration and sensor functions for your convenience.

Rotation Orientation Manager mod

Download Rotation – Orientation Manager mod – Observe the vibration to receive notifications

Opening the application, you will immediately see the vibration actions on the screen. You can now select them directly to set up. We will use many different vibration actions to set for various activities. A simple example would be a call that would represent a regular vibration. The phone vibrates and rotates to the left when there is a message. For app notifications, rotate to the right. That should be enough for you to understand how it works. There are still plenty of other actions to set for even more notifications. So when a notification arrives, your device is silent. You will know what it is just by how the vibrator is on the table.

Rotation Orientation Manager mod apk

Adjust the appropriate vibration

Depending on the level you choose, Rotation – Orientation Manager APK mod will provide a certain vibration level on the smartphone. I recommend selecting notifications with different vibration levels. Light and strong vibrations can be easily observed with the naked eye. So it doesn’t matter if we use them to distinguish messages of different things. Even more detailed is continuous vibration or vibration with a pause for rest. The difference will be higher, and you will be able to distinguish them. However, please do not use too many vibration modes because that will make it difficult for you to remember them all.

Rotation Orientation Manager mod apk free

Prioritize multiple notifications at once

Occasionally, more than one notification will appear on the smartphone simultaneously. So how can you tell them apart, and how does the smartphone vibrate? Set priority when this happens. The smartphone will vibrate continuously in different patterns for a long time. To let you know what kind of notifications your smartphone has. Note that this mode should only be set when you are not using your smartphone when busy. If you are free, you can hold it and read the notification.

Rotation Orientation Manager mod free

Sensor in hand

It is possible to observe how the phone vibrates in part. So when you hold the phone, how to distinguish the notification? Rotation – Orientation Manager APK 28.2.0 also has its vibration mode when you need a smartphone in hand. It will vibrate in different tempos and intensities. From soft to strong vibrations, intermittent vibrations, rhythmic vibrations, and breaks… There are many more vibration patterns for you to set up notifications for different things. So without looking at the screen, you will still know the notification anyway.

Rotation Orientation Manager free

Set the smartphone’s vibration to know precisely what the current notification is. Supports multiple vibration patterns both on the plane and on the hand for easy identification by users. Download Rotation – Orientation Manager MOD APK to use the phone only by vibration.

How to Download & Install Rotation – Orientation Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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