Room Escape Contest 2 MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 2.8

Updated 10/07/2022 (1 year ago)
NameRoom Escape Contest 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Room Escape Contest 2

Room Escape Contest 2 escape from locked rooms by solving puzzles. You were brought to this mysterious house in a way that you did not expect. You don’t know why you’re here and what to do to get out of a little, challenging room that you need to solve quickly. Players will have to find the required items; when accumulated enough, you will be able to open the door. This gameplay is also quite familiar, flipping every corner of the house to find what you need. The super modern magnifying glass will bring outstanding features, helping you open all puzzles.

You are wondering what to do, fear is covering that small room. Enter the first door, take a look and start with the challenge. Items are well hidden, but sometimes right in front of your eyes, collect what you can. With a calm state and a relaxed mind, everything has a solution. The room is small, so you have complete control over it. The objects lying around in the room, the more closed and narrow the place, the more answers will be hidden. Unravel the challenges and conquer all the levels in Room Escape Contest 2.

Room Escape Contest 2 android

Download Room Escape Contest 2 mod – solve the puzzle and escape the small room

With the primary goal of saving yourself from the cramped room that Room Escape Contest 2 has set up. You will have to mobilize yourself, find a way to get the key, and get out of the deadlock. Can’t scream for help, can’t break things to step out. Only using your brain, sharp eyes, and cunning tactics can help you. The challenges posed will gradually increase by level, and you should experience all the puzzles to feel the fun. The later the story of the question becomes more difficult, but you will be tested your level. It can take a long time to conquer a level; too easy will not interest you.

Room Escape Contest 2 mod apk

Challenge in many rooms

Room Escape Contest 2 has designed the rooms like ordinary houses. That can help players be less surprised when they are lost in a strange place. The designs are luxurious, classic, or both in a beautiful way. The interior often makes you look at it and forget about the critical task. Don’t hang around but focus on finding things to get out of the clutter quickly. Be it a bedroom, an office, or a living room, anywhere in a large house. Any room decorated with many amenities makes it even more difficult for players because behind those devices is a treasure trove of signs and keys to open the door.

Room Escape Contest 2 apk free

Solve the puzzle successfully

What Room Escape Contest 2 attracts players because it offers puzzles, asking players to rummage through the room to find the final item. You can go to find puzzle pieces to complete the picture; inside contains the key to exit. Find small things to get information to unlock desk drawers and find substantial evidence. It combines quick eyes and needs brain thinking and flexibility to be able to decipher. Many rooms need codes, and players need to integrate what they have found or seen to unlock successfully. Note that the challenge will not be simple, take advantage of the experience in the previous rooms to quickly complete it.

Room Escape Contest 2 mod

Get help

Your eyes are not always at their total capacity. Sometimes looking at many angles so much that you forget the most open places. Objects in front of your eyes sometimes don’t even see, so Room Escape Contest 2 is equipped with an automatic suggestion system. Players click on the screen, and a prompt appears immediately. The items you have collected will be placed in the drawers on the right. The things you have just found are clues to the final goal. You can select categories of images to see the requested item quickly. But do your best before asking for help from others.

Room Escape Contest 2

Room Escape Contest 2 sketches out how to play and find objects, seemingly tasteless, boring, but extremely attractive. The challenges are carefully invested; there are challenges for players. Hundreds of items need you to harvest, and the ranks are also waiting for you to conquer. Challenge your brain a bit, exercise your eyes but have a strategy. If you don’t have a quick calculation in your head, you will stay in a room. Get out as soon as possible, don’t let the small size of the room block your brain. Download Room Escape Contest 2 mod, solve puzzles, search for loot and return home.

How to Download & Install Room Escape Contest 2 MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android


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