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Updated 17/05/2021 (3 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Rogue-like Princess

The princesses in the story are always famous for their beauty and charm. Normally, there are people who wouldn’t have any talent. Some princesses have extremely strong instincts. Can do many things that men cannot do. If they put students in a difficult situation, they will surely solve it. For the princesses in Rogue-like Princess, the truth of their lives will be very different from the fairy tales. Don’t make them wait for you.

Anime fans will get a super hit. An extremely hot turn-based game called Rogue-like Princess. The 2D pixel anime character designs are something that has a bit of nostalgia. But this is the point of addiction for gamers. Old styles that can never be outdated. Brings extremely terrible battles between beauties. Many people will love female characters more than male characters. Fulfill the dream of owning a group of girls who are both strong and beautiful. The players who love strategy games must not ignore the interesting features of this game. Beautiful skill effects are created to enhance the experience even more.

Rogue like Princess mod apk

Download Rogue-like Princess mod – Battle of beautiful princesses

To show their personality, strong girls often choose to fight. Fighting isn’t for fun, it’s how they express themselves. Unleash your abilities and compare each other’s combat skills. You are the one who will get these girls out of their feuds by leading them. Fight and solve the problems surrounding their lives. Take them on the path of powerful combat weapons. Bring your fighting ideals into addictive turn-based battles. Don’t let them down on you, do your best to make them stronger. It stands out in meaningful victories over strong opponents.

Rogue like Princess mod download

Appearance options

As a girl, appearance is definitely a very important and indispensable thing. Choose beautiful outfits for your beauties. Lots of cool outfits with unique styles for you to set up. Give your princesses their own special touches and enhance their beauty. Dress up in fashionable dresses or clothes. Don’t let your girls become so boring that you lose the fun. Learning to take care of girls is also taking care of your life. That’s the obvious thing you have to do when playing Rogue-like Princess. Create a new direction for yourself to be able to go further.

Rogue like Princess mod apk free

Combat Weapons

Fighting must have good weapons to be able to maximize their own strength. Choose now for your princesses the best weapons to defeat the enemy. With more than 1000 different weapons you can freely choose your favorite ones. Look carefully at the parameters of this equipment to give the best option. Gives a positive effect in intense battles between strong girls. What’s even more special is that these weapons will change their appearance. Rare and powerful weapons will give a very special appearance. Break through countless designs from different weapons, making your squad go further.

Rogue like Princess mod free

Sweet voice

If you meet a girl, the first thing you know is her voice. Different girls have their own unique voices. The voice also speaks to their human personality. When you listen to it, you can immediately tell whether this girl is strong or shy, active or quiet. Lots of beautiful people with sweet and cute voices are waiting for you to listen to them. Those are the wonderful and clear sounds of nature, a source of positive energy. Make your experience more comfortable with Rogue-like Princess. The sounds are not artificial at all. All are voiced in the most realistic way and brought into the original. Let the girls tell you.

Rogue like Princess mod android

Useful Artifacts

Creatures are powerful aids in the process of combat. They have different shapes and different uses so they can be easily grasped. When you carefully read the instructions for these creatures, you will be able to immediately know what they are used for. Can be used to restore vitality and internal energy in battles that consume a lot. Used to increase a character’s basic strength or defense to help them improve their abilities. Rogue-like Princess mod is your chance to own lovely princesses. This is your chance to show off your fighting skills.

How to Download & Install Rogue-like Princess APK for Android


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