Relax Rain MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 6.12.1

Updated 16/07/2024 (6 days ago)
NameRelax Rain APK
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Introduce MOD APK Relax Rain

If you think the sound of rain is loud and meaningless, Relax Rain MOD APK (Premium unlocked) will change that completely. Rain is the perfect weather to relax and slow things down. Immerse yourself in nature to feel more comfortable. Relax and let your worries go away. However, what if you want to relax, but it’s not raining? Use Relax Rain as a temporary relief. Although it certainly can’t be real enough, like actual rain. The sound it brings will still make you feel comfortable and easier to relax.

Relax Rain APK mod is explicitly designed for people with a hobby of relaxation. The sound of falling rain will make some people feel very comfortable and comfortable. Rain is also an excellent time to fall asleep or meditate easily. Even the rain accompanied by lightning is not too heavy, creating a feeling of being safe inside. So Relax Rain will give you a lot of the state of rain. You can choose the way of pouring rain that you like to enjoy while working, resting, or relaxing and getting rid of worries.

Relax Rain mod

Download Relax Rain mod – Control and customize the rain to relax

There are many different types of sounds of varying rain in this application. In addition, users can combine many types of sounds to create a more diverse rain. They are still suitable for rain in the wild. So the way you listen to the rain won’t feel like it’s coming from a smartphone. Relax Rain APK 6.12.1 greatest ability is offline. No internet connection is required. You can play the sound of rain anytime you want. As long as you want to relax, this app will give you every chance to relax. Don’t worry just because this is the application and not the truth. Your experience will not be interrupted too much.

Relax Rain mod apk

Various types of weather

There are many types of rain in nature, and Relax Rain MOD APK will distinguish them for easy identification for users. Depending on the Rain, the sound effects will be different. For example, when it rains, the sound of dripping raindrops continuously appears. For heavy rains or storms, the intensity will be greater. But, of course, their sound will also be much louder than light rain. Instead, you should combine the use of volume up and down buttons to make the rain the most realistic. Then, start relaxing and imagine that it is real rain.

Relax Rain mod apk free

Additional effects

If there is rain, it is indispensable for thunder and wind. Relax Rain also integrates those sounds for you to add to the rain. Heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning at a low volume will be an excellent combination for a good night’s sleep. The unique thing here is that you are free to combine many different types of effects. Make the rain according to your feeling and relaxation. Adjust the volume of each application so that the combination does not create a chaotic sound. The quality of your rain and your relaxation will still depend on you.

Relax Rain mod free

Timer for the Rain

If you can fall asleep unconsciously, set a timer for the rain to stop after a certain amount of time. The ideal time is 1 to 2 hours from when you start the rain. Because there’s a chance you’ll oversleep, the timer will save your smartphone’s battery more than having to play all night. In addition, Relax Rain can work in the background and other applications. So you will be free to use all applications or turn off the screen while the sound of the rain is still there. Makes it feel like real rain is happening.

Relax Rain free

This product dedicated to relaxation and meditation has attracted a lot of users. Many people in the world feel relaxed when listening to rain falling. If you are also like that, there is no reason to ignore Relax Rain mod, which allows you to experience the rain falling.

How to Download & Install Relax Rain MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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