Red Imposter MOD APK (Disable enemy) 1.3.4

Updated on 28/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameRed Imposter APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesDisable enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Did you feel bored when Among Us kept not updating a new map? Fidgety waiting to be connected to the lounge? You want to be comfortable killing people instead of just walking around and doing quests? Try a feeling that is both familiar but completely new to Red Imposter. The simulation game based on this extremely popular original game will give you an interesting and extremely attractive feeling.

Red Imposter is a fun stealth action game. Based on the original game, Among Us, which is famous all over the world for more than 1 year. In Among Us, players will be divided into 2 factions, Crewmate and Imposter. Each faction is assigned missions and must complete them to win. In Red Imposter, we will be completely immersed in the Imposter role throughout the game. Our only mission is to take out all the crew alive on board and win. Nuclear Sunset, Tasty Planet Forever are a few games that you can enjoy because of the simple action gameplay.

Red Imposter mod free

Download game Red Imposter mod – Role-playing imposter frantic

The game is divided into each level, each level has a different difficulty level. At each level, you will always be playing the role of Imposter – Imposter. With the mission of mixing and destroying all the crew on the spaceship. After you have executed the last crew member, you will win and the level is over.

When completing each game screen will receive a certain amount. Use the money earned to upgrade weapons for higher difficulty levels. In the upper left corner of the screen is a bar showing progress. When the progress bar is full, you will be counted as a loser. And when you kill in front of another crew member, you will be expelled and ejected from the spaceship. So whether you win or not will depend a lot on your tactics and skillful handling of the situation.

Most of the gameplay of the game is not too different from the game Among Us. The only difference is the improved 3D graphics compared to the original game. So getting used to the gameplay will be extremely simple for gamers who have played through the original 2D game.

Red Imposter mod

Cute, colorful outfits

Red Imposter has light, cute 3D graphics, in contrast to the gameplay is quite violent, gore but only at a moderate level. So the costumes in the game are also very eye-catching and above all, they are completely free. You can freely dress yourself the superhero hats and coats, the extremely famous anime characters to fly and jump in the game world. Creating more interesting and diverse appearance in each game screen. Aside from the completely free outfits, there are a few special outfits but you can still own them very simply. That is watching advertising. In essence, all of them are free!

Red Imposter mod apk free

Diverse arsenal

Different from the original version, do you want to choose weapons to finish off the crew instead of using them randomly in Among Us? Red Imposter gives you the freedom to choose a weapon to destroy Crewmate in your own way. As long as you reach level 10, the game will give you the choice of weapon you want. In addition, you can upgrade weapons with the money earned by completing each game screen. Make them attack effectively and thoroughly through each level of play. In order to handle the Crewmates as perfectly as possible.

Red Imposter mod download

Graphics with a new perspective

As mentioned above, the game uses a 3D graphical interface with a realistic viewing angle and brighter visuals. Among us, the elements and soul of Among Us remain the same as a meeting room, admin room,… Bring a familiar feeling and also completely new to the players of the original hit game. In addition, the familiar sound of the game remains the same as the sound of footsteps, the sound of weapons, or the sound when you are thrown from a spaceship.

Red Imposter mod apk

If you are an ardent fan of the popular werewolf Simulation game. Surely Red Imposter will be a great choice that you can experience. Join a world that is very familiar but with a completely new image. To be able to fly freely and kill as you like. Start with gentle levels up to high levels. Requires smart handling and the right strategy. Train your reflexes and solve situations as effectively as possible. Surely Red Imposter won’t take your eyes off the screen!

Download Red Imposter MOD APK (Disable enemy) for Android

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