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Updated on 26/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameRealityMaps APK
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Long-distance trips to enjoy the magnificence of nature and exercise themselves always have an undeniable attraction; anyone who has experienced it once will not be able to stop. However, long-distance trips also exist besides the impressive benefits such as learning new things, relaxing the mind, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, being in harmony with nature, and improving physical health At many risks and dangers. For example, the place the user wants to go to turns out to be not as imagined, does not know the information about the upcoming area, and then falls into awkward situations. So to reduce the risk to the lowest possible level and ensure the safety of yourself and your companions on the trip, RealityMaps is the application that users should have.

With modern technology and a leading reputation, RealityMaps will help users find the perfect route for every trip and fully understand the necessary information. Through previewing places with realistic 3D maps, users will evaluate whether the place is worth visiting.

RealityMaps mod android free

Download RealityMaps mod  – Geographic map with virtual reality technology

RealityMaps perfectly combines 3D Map, Aerial Images, and Topographic Maps 1:25,000 scale, allowing users to explore and learn about possible places and areas. Currently active outdoors around the world. Once this application is activated, it will turn the user’s smartphone into a highly modern and intelligent navigation device. RealityMaps provides users with everything related to the place through realistic 3D and satellite images to have the most transparent view of the area they will visit during their trip. Go next. This helps users determine the exact route and thoroughly prepare everything for their nature exploration journey.

RealityMaps mod android

Enjoy available routes

This app provides users with a clear and specific route researched exclusively by Bergverlag experts and their partners. So users can find the perfect route for all their outdoor activities here, whether hiking, conquering majestic mountains, skiing, or cycling; users only have to tell RealityMaps what activity they want to participate in. The system will immediately display a series of compatible routes for users. Users can use two main formats to import their data into the application: GPX and Komoot. Users must ensure they always enter the correct data format because RealityMaps cannot work effectively if entered incorrectly.

RealityMaps mod

Easy to understand and safe navigation

With RealityMaps, users will always be fully prepared for their trips. Thanks to realistic 3D images, users can shape the place they will go to, make a detailed plan of possible activities, and find the right places to stop. Rest. In addition, through the practical guidance of GPS, users will always know their current position on the map and the following distance to go. RealityMaps navigation is also straightforward to understand, using clear and recognizable icons to help users quickly get to where they need to go. When it detects any danger signs on the road ahead, this application will immediately alert the user to ensure the journey is always as safe as possible.

RealityMaps mod apk

Save all data of trips

Thanks to the tracking function, users can record all their exploration and conquest of nature in RealityMaps. Location-related information such as route, time, and distance will all be displayed in the most specific and detailed way in the user’s logs. In addition, users can also add to the recording of images, videos, sounds, and even their feelings during the trip. It can be said that this feature is like an endless diary for users to keep their memorable moments and memories when participating in outdoor activities with majestic and beautiful nature. This makes it easy for users to review their trips and can completely share those data with anyone.

RealityMaps mod apk free

Download RealityMaps mod to simplify nature exploration and outdoor activities with realistic 3D maps.

Download RealityMaps MOD APK (Subscribed) for Android

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