Real Time Shields MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.14.5

Updated 10/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameReal Time Shields APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Real Time Shields

Commanding an army is something very few people can do without skill. But you can also do this with the help of Real-Time Shields. Self-arranged and upgraded an extremely skilled army in the true sense of the word. Join them in defending their stronghold from violent invaders. Use your talent and mindset to lead the team to victory. Give it a try, and maybe you have hidden excellent leadership ability.

As a tactical action game, Real-Time Shields will make you feel excited. That’s because of the simple yet addictive gameplay it brings. Images are made in 3D simulation-style with realistic movements. Requires high thinking to be able to complete the set requirements well. You can play anytime that you feel bored or have nothing to do. Feel the joy and train your mind at the same time.

Real Time Shields mod

Download Real-Time Shields mod – Solid defense against surprise attacks

The castle you are guarding has become the number one target of invaders. To be able to stand firm, you must form a squad to protect it. You can organize your team by drawing out where they need to stand. Freedom to be creative in the ways you deem necessary to stay on the defensive. When the enemy comes, there will be a signal for you to know and prepare to intercept in the direction that has been foreseen. Destroy all threats to win and clear the level. And what if it was destroyed? Don’t worry. You can always start over no matter how much you fail.

Amazing physics movement

What makes us feel hooked on this game is its movements. The way your soldiers’ move looks extremely fast and agile. Enemies will rush at you and attack frantically until they crumble to pieces. No need for too many complicated operations, but we still have an eye-catching battle. Feel the extreme speed of the real-time battlefield brought to you. Soldiers always obey orders and quickly carry them out. The way you control will be the deciding factor for the survival of the castle. Anticipate the opponent’s attack and counter it.

Real Time Shields mod free

Continuous upgrade

Through each level, your enemies will also become much more potent than before. Therefore, your army must also adapt to this change. The system will give you the option of a feature to upgrade after each time you win. Those will include increasing the number of people, increasing income, increasing strength, or making the enemy’s head bigger. Each time you have three random choices to consider upgrading for the whole team. If there is a specific strategy, then surely winning is easy. New weapons are waiting for you to discover and equip your soldiers. Ready to face any danger around.

Face the danger

If you think your enemies only have low-level soldiers, you are wrong. Behind them are those who are many times greater than that. Those are bosses with extraordinary strength, and they can easily crush you. Only when building a solid and intelligent enough squad can it cope with that horror. Each boss has their type of character and effective attack. Some people will take advantage of the greatness, and some people are incredibly flexible, like assassins. You can observe how they act to have the best defense. Please don’t give them a chance to take what’s being protected.

Real Time Shields mod apk

Updated frequently

Do you think this game just always works dully and repetitively? Get rid of that thought immediately because Real-Time Shields will continuously be renewed. There are often updates applied by developers to make things different. From more specially designed battle maps to breakthroughs. Brand new units that you can replace and spread in a variety of strategies. New upgrade options will bring unexpected effects in battle. In addition, there are challenges of more severe difficulty to make you work hard to win.

Join the fierce battles of Real-Time Shields mod, and you will be the legendary commander. No force can make you fall, no matter how strong. Make your army invincible to crush all opponents in front of you.

How to Download & Install Real Time Shields MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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