QR Code & Barcode Scanner MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 3.5.4

Updated 14/12/2023 (3 months ago)
NameQR Code & Barcode Scanner APK
PublisherQR Easy
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK QR Code & Barcode Scanner

QR Code & Barcode Scanner is an essential tool and makes everything more convenient. As technology advances, we have more and more ways to perform transactions or tasks on smartphones. QR codes and barcodes are the most convenient things ever born. You can store information about many different products and data with just one unique code. It only takes one scanning tool to know all the essential things to have. QR Code & Barcode Scanner is the application that supports this. When it can scan and read any existing QR code or barcode.

Previously we could see these types of scanners in supermarkets or malls. Now they can appear on smartphones conveniently. So what will users use QR Code & Barcode Scanner to do? Just a straightforward operation is to scan the code. However, that is all we need to receive information quickly. Also, a great and fast way to check the provenance of a product. With a way to use but many diverse purposes, it is trusted by many people.

QR Code Barcode Scanner mod

Download QR Code & Barcode Scanner mod – Scan to capture all information

Usage of QR Code & Barcode Scanner probably doesn’t need a tutorial. Because its interface is the smartphone’s rear camera. Therefore, you only need to hold the QR code or barcode right in front of the camera for a short time. It will only take a few short seconds for the QR Code & Barcode Scanner to read the data. It will then output based on the code you just gave it. It can be information about a specific product, text, image, or video… Or a link to somewhere on the internet. Therefore, it is entirely accurate to use it for many different purposes. We can use it to test or satisfy curiosity.

QR Code Barcode Scanner mod apk

Compatible with all data

Depending on the content of the data, the QR Code & Barcode Scanner will have additional actions suitable for them. For example, if the code you just scanned is a contact, you can use the function of adding a connection to your smartphone immediately. If it is a product, this function will be to search for that product on Google. If the scanned code is any social network account, it will become the link access function. QR Code & Barcode Scanner will give you many convenient smart options based on the available information.

QR Code Barcode Scanner mod apk free

Easy history access

Sometimes you may have forgotten what you were looking for and what barcode. No need to bother finding it again. You just need to access the history section. Here are all the barcodes and QR codes that you have ever scanned. Of course, they have to be on the same device for this to work. You also know the specific date that you scan that code. Makes it easier to retrieve memories of related tasks. Mainly not to miss any important information contained in the smartphone.

QR Code Barcode Scanner mod free

Create your code

Along with scanning codes every day, do you want to create your own? Since the system supports barcodes and QR codes, you will prioritize them. The first is to specify what is inside your code after scanning. Then, you press create and wait a few short seconds. So you’ve got your code. Please share it with everyone so they can scan it and get a surprise from you.

QR Code Barcode Scanner free

Scanning barcodes and QR codes have never been so simple with QR Code & Barcode Scanner. Instead, understand all the information and data behind complex regulations. Even generate your codes to surprise your friends with QR Code & Barcode Scanner mod.

How to Download & Install QR Code & Barcode Scanner MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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