Push’em all MOD APK 1.40 (Money increased when upgraded)

Updated on 13/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NamePush’em all APK
MOD FeaturesMoney increased when upgraded
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Push’em all is a VOODOO game with fast gameplay for you to push enemies from rooftop or high positions. The player uses the stick and causes all enemies to fall and lose their lives. The goal is to find a way to the finish line in the face of a massive siege. The enemies come in all kinds of different colours and with the appearance of zombies, they will try to push you into danger. With the advantage of many enemies will try to push you in many ways, they also have weapons. Push’em all needs you to have the agility to deal with all enemy moves. In two cases, either you or the enemy must die. I’m sure you don’t want to end up at the foot of some building.

Each level of gameplay is a location, the altitude or the surrounding surface melting is what makes you and the enemy lose their lives. With the powerful stick, the player can become the fear of the enemy. Standing behind the stick they cannot do anything to you. Players do not need to destroy that can reach the finish line, but there are also some levels where many enemies appear. As you go to the next level, you will encounter many types of enemies both in size, equipped with more weapons.

Pushem all mod

Download Push’em all MOD – Push enemies to hell

The map is not large, but the design of each screen is extremely creative. If you do not pay attention, there are empty spaces on the road that are easy to fall. If you push the enemy too hard, it will easily cause the character to slip. In general, Push’em all builds fast gameplay, players do not spend too much time playing. However, there are several levels where you need to decode the difficulty to get to the finish line. If you ignore the enemy you will not be able to get to the last position to unlock the next level. Players have many options to determine the fate of those who want to harm them. You just need to try to finish or eliminate all opponents and then move on to the next challenge.

Characters and pets

12+ characters and 6+ pets for players to choose from. Sword style, superman, girl personality, please choose according to your preference. There are no specific names for each character and pet. Look at the picture and choose the style you want. Pets only follow you, not assist in attacking the enemy. I tried standing still and waiting for the pet’s help but ended up being pushed down by the enemy and lost its life while it was still standing on the rooftop.

Pushem all mod download

Upgrades in Push’em all

Weapons, Power, Offline Earnings are the things you need to upgrade. It helps characters increase fighting power and earn more money at each level of play. There is no limit to the level of the upgrade feature, you use up all your money to increase these stats.

Collect new weapons

In addition to the stick, players can collect new weapons in the participating levels. Cannons are one of the most powerful weapons. With the advantage of attacking from afar will replace the way of pushing enemies based on spring pressure. The player’s danger is reduced but still has a good attack on the enemy.

Pushem all mod apk

Giant enemies are always a burden to you, you have more difficulty pushing enemies. Push’em all designs maps that arrange more dangerous locations that also create challenges for each player. Move carefully, just miss your foot is enough to make you fall. Download Push’em all MOD APK use the stick and let the enemy fall in danger to finish them off.

Download Push’em all MOD APK (Money increased when upgraded) for Android

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