Push Harder MOD APK (Menu/Ulimited cash) 0.2.6

Updated on 31/05/2023 (3 days ago)
NamePush Harder APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Ulimited cash
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Boost your strength by successfully pushing the crates forward in Push Harder. You will play as a barrel pusher, and your challenge is to find ways to strengthen. And you’ve found crates on the roads with numbers on them. They represent the power you can gain as success pushes them forward. So you can elevate yourself by pushing lots of crates in your journey. Moreover, they will help you overcome the abyss that prevents you from moving forward by filling them. Conquer power challenges as you successfully push heavy crates at every level.

Power games will always attract many participants because of their challenging nature. That’s when everyone can show the power they have in the game. And it’s even better when those challenges let you improve your strength. But you have to complete each step without being rushed to get more power. And the challenge you have to conquer is pushing the barrels above the roads. All of them are independently designed, and your strength will be based on the number of crates you push. So you must determine your capabilities with the barrel ahead and make the correct choice.

Push Harder android

Download Push Harder mod – Show your strength when pushing crates

You’ve joined the world of barrel pushing, and plenty of welcome power challenges are ahead. The reason is called the challenge of strength because your journey of discovery has been blocked. And the obstacles that stop you are the big and heavy wooden crates. So to continue your journey, you have to push those crates forward. But you won’t be able to succeed if you don’t have enough strength to push the crates forward. And you can reference your strength with the barrel to select the crate to start pushing. Explore levels of barrel push and show off your strength training abilities.

Push Harder mod apk

Possibility to push the barrel

The world of heavy crates has opened, which will be the real challenge. Anyone who wants to explore this world must overcome their existence to move forward. So the crates will be the most challenging obstacle to prevent you from making the journey. However, you can push the barrel, and this is not a surprising ability at all. And the unique thing is the crates blocking your way forward. Each crate represents several power you must gain to push them forward. When pushing crates, show your ability to conquer heavy crates with your powerful force.

Push Harder apk

Strength training

It would be best if you pushed the crates that prevent your exploration from moving forward. But at the beginning of your journey, you will only bring a little power into this world. And you don’t know that those crates need great strength to push. However, you don’t have to end your journey when you can build strength. But the original crate won’t be too heavy either, and this is your chance to train yourself. And for each crate you push, you will collect equivalent strength points. Train your strength in crate push levels and unlock more limits as you conquer challenges.

Push Harder mod

Pass all levels

The crates are no longer a challenge when you can push them forward. And your journey of discovery is gradually being kicked off with the increase of your power. However, that is just the beginning, and you must try to push as many crates as possible to advance. The first crates are just an incentive to train more of your strength. And behind will be more and more heavy crates that challenge your ability to push the crate. So you need to persistently train your strength by pushing as many crates as possible. Beat every level of barrel push and feel the unique strength of your body that you train.

Push Harder free

You have encountered the obstacle of crates when starting your journey in the new world. They are arranged on paths of discovery and keep you from moving forward. And to continue exploring, you have to push those heavy crates forward. So it will be difficult when you are unprepared for this power challenge. But you are informed that those crates will give you strength when you push them. And this is your chance to continue your journey and re-strengthen your body. Download Push Harder mod to push the crates forward and complete exploratory levels.

Download Push Harder MOD APK (Menu/Ulimited cash) for Android

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