Puppet Lord 3D MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, souls) 1.0.17

Updated 21/06/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NamePuppet Lord 3D APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, souls
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Puppet Lord 3D

Use dark magic to control puppets in Puppet Lord 3D MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, souls). The presence of these creatures that look like children’s toys are terrifying when they all have some horror meaning or represent evil. In the game, you will transform into someone who can control puppets. With an unhappy childhood and a distorted personality, you decide to take revenge on life. Connect the host’s soul to the tool so you can adjust their life and death at will. Of course, you can’t let death happen quickly and quickly. Make them all suffer so much that death is their greatest desire at that moment.

The horror genre will often be highly horror, bloody, and realistic games that make the hair on the back of your neck. Those types of entertainment are incredibly counterproductive, especially for those with a weak heart or spirit. Sensation, breathtaking drama, and persistent horror are what players seek to satisfy them. But this game will bring an exceptional experience. The gameplay remains highly creepy when the drama and horror scenes are removed. You will be free to break legs and arms or cut off the body; the person in charge is you. Feel free to play with the victim’s frail body until they stop breathing and die.

Puppet Lord 3D mod min

Download Puppet Lord 3D APK mod – The Fall of an honest man and the price dishonest people pay

The puppets represent the beauty and cultural characteristics of many countries. Water puppet shows have an exceptional folk color and are loved by many people. But there is also no shortage of legends and extremely horrifying facts about shamans using them as a medium to connect souls with evil forces. The network dolls can also correlate strongly with spiritual powers but can’t be compared to puppets. They are like creatures representing the most terrible forces or can be positive objects to serve noble purposes.

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Honest people and beautiful life

You are a person born with a gentle, honest nature and very helpful to others. With excellent academic records, you were sent to the city to study when you entered a prestigious university. Student life is hard, but you have incredibly reputable comrades and have committed to suffering together through the most challenging days. When you graduate, you find a job you love and are an excellent employee. Your childhood fascination with magic is also done in your spare time. Life goes on like that very peacefully and favorably, but those are just the clouds before the storm.

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Injustices and life pressures

Distractions at work make your boss extremely uncomfortable. Over time, senior leaders couldn’t stand the inefficiencies, and you were fired. Too surprised and disappointed, you turn to divination to make a living through the day. Although you are very popular with the people in the neighborhood when you return to your hometown to work, this does not last long. The old boss decided to buy your area at an extremely high price that everyone could not refuse. You are determined not to move with your family because this is where you were born and raised. Seeing your stubbornness, they killed all your family to threaten that you would be next.

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The Rise of the Demon of Hatred

Extremely dissatisfied and unable to control your anger, you were completely controlled by anger. The thought of revenge for the clan was boiling in every vein. But you’re still brilliant to know that with your abilities, revenge is like crashing your head to death. That’s why, instead of committing suicide, you decide to use your dark powers. A terrifying curse is cast by you and placed on a puppet you embroidered with the desire to make them all pay.

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Bloody evil path

Whenever you meet someone, you will use puppets to torment their body and soul. Once perished at your hands, the soul will not be able to escape and will be banished to 9 levels of hell. Let’s end the days of the wicked and bring them back to where they belong. It is wrong to practice religion, but some people must be dealt with cruelly and become the one who takes their lives at Puppet Lord 3D APK 1.0.17.

How to Download & Install Puppet Lord 3D MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, souls) for Android


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