Project QT MOD APK (Menu, Auto win/HP/Skills) 6.0.0

Updated 15/06/2022 (2 years ago)
NameProject QT APK
PublisherJG Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto win/HP/Skills
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Project QT MOD APK detail?

1. Menu on Battle
2. HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
3. Auto Win
4. Enemy Kill
5. Next Turn
6. SKill Ready
7. Change every stone to color of choice
8. Change every stone to Block of choice

Introduce MOD APK Project QT

Nutaku has always been a hentai game platform that brings a lot of novelty. Focusing mainly on gameplay, graphics, plus a straightforward plot. Everything perfect is present in this Project QT game. It can attract many mature players at first sight when experiencing. The most special is its old but not dull way of playing.

The game opens up many new features for players to unleash to conquer new things. Meet many beautiful girls with perfect bodies. Engage them to achieve outstanding achievements that bring benefits or trophies to you. Own simple gameplay so you can enjoy Project QT at any time. The story unfolds when people are on the cusp of development. But humanity encountered a great danger without warning. Let’s find out what happened to the world right below.

Project QT mod

Download Project QT mod – Save the world from final doom

Project QT is released by Nutaku, a hugely popular 18+ game portal. Bringing players anime-style games, diverse gameplay. This game belongs to the genre of action, puzzle, adventure. The gameplay is a relatively simple turn-based game, accessible to many mature gamers. Each time you pass the level, your level increases, and you receive many rewards. Use them for different purposes, according to the effect of each type.

Each level will have tasks that need to be completed. Maximum victory when you get 3 stars corresponding to 3 different missions. The reward will be announced before entering the stage, which helps the player to collect the necessary items. There are at most 5 female characters for you to choose to arrange into the squad. The strength and skill stats of each person will also be displayed. Calculate each move carefully while in combat because there will be a limit to the number of activities in each game level.

Project QT mod free

Simple plot

There are a total of 22 chapters in the Project QT game. All are exciting and challenging journeys. It starts with when humanity has to endure the rebellion of alien creatures. They come from the black hole in the North Pole, where an experiment occurs. But the unexpected happened. Another dimension was linked here. Creepy creatures have invaded the earth. To escape the current situation, female students stood up, forming a team. Together they and you join the fight to protect everyone right now.

Project QT mod android free

Admission of girls

The way to recruit more female characters for Project QT is very new. Each group of enemy troops will have a commander leading the battle. And when the player defeats her, a new member will appear in your collection. The characteristics of each character’s combat, defense, and skills will be different. Level them up to gain greater power. In addition to fighting, dating scenes will appear with specific missions. Complete them to unlock them fast because there are many other exciting animations waiting for you to discover.

Project QT mod free free

Create diverse characters

Every girl appearing in Project QT is lovely. The impressive appearance, along with the soft voice, expresses each character’s emotions. When fighting, the main form is cute chibi girls who unleash beautiful skills. And during the dating animation between you and her, the sexy 3D body is revealed. Each girl shows many different levels of emotions. But one thing is for sure, and they are all pleased to be with you.

Project QT mod android

Connect with every player

Project QT is an online game so that you can make new friends. Communicate with them to ask about how to upgrade characters and equipment. Join the large community and discover together the events the game hosts. All players can pair up, then compete against each other. Learn more experience, or show your strength. This is highly competitive, exciting for players. What’s more interesting is that you will no longer feel lonely while playing the game.

Project QT mod free android

As a straightforward turn-based action game, Project QT mod is an ideal game. Building female anime characters, alternating between 2D and 3D images, is already a huge attraction. Thrilling plot, save the world from the invasion of evil alien monsters. Discover all the dating animations with every girl that pops up on your journey right now.

How to Download & Install Project QT MOD APK (Menu, Auto win/HP/Skills) for Android


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1 year ago

Still can’t login, the game said “The game not running”

1 year ago

Please make update v15.0

1 year ago

Can i choose English language?

1 year ago

Si pudieras actualizarla por favor

1 year ago

can’t be installed

1 year ago

please update with unlimited gems..

1 year ago

Excelente trabajo 👏 Si pudieran poner los Mods para battle of kinky diva 🤗🙏

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