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Posted 3 years ago by Thuỷ Dương

GameDVA sets its goals on the journey of overall development, always wanting to provide a superior quality for a stable user experience. The establishment of standardized lists will help increase the understanding and behavior for the users to have more convenience in the future.

As a user, you should find out because much of it is in your own interest. In addition to the main task of providing new games and applications, the team must have a regulation to follow the standards. Security is very important if you ignore this factor it can affect personal data on the device you use elsewhere, and for GameDVA, everything is very safe with great level.

What information is collected from members

You will have to provide some information about yourself when accessing GameDVA by the core basic requirement for the best experience without violating privacy.

Name, Email, URL Profile

You will have to provide mandatory name, email whenever you want to leave a comment to facilitate direct contact if necessary to help solve the problem faster.

Content posted

The content as well as comments submitted by yourself or with associated multimedia data are also saved for future review.

However GameDVA also automatically removes unsupported formats and has specific notice why you cannot post such content.


We will save your Cookies every time you visit to optimize the speed and choose to help you not to set them again. If you do not want you can edit by deleting them on your web browser in the security section.

IP & User agent

The IP address is also stored on the server to control abnormal traffic or behaviors that directly affect the server when there is trouble for inspection.

Advertising display

As is known, GameDVA is part of the free introduction unit for games and applications, which makes it easy to use on any device configuration. Therefore, we need a small revenue source to help maintain the cost of data storage in the form of advertising. Please be assured that ads from the site all ensure the interface standards as well as extremely high security.

The right display of your needs will reduce the appearance of ads with less interaction, but it is done by the publisher, rather than implementing the code, GameDVA does not take any other action.


There are two main types of links: social networks within GameDVA’s ecosystem and links to other websites as the official source. We strictly control this issue so that you do not have to worry about redirecting, the information will be clear and accurate.

Data saving

GameDVA data storage server can be changed to improve page loading speed and experience. We will not be able to notify everyone every time you change because there are unidentified users present here, hope that you sympathize for that.

What are your powers?

Users are allowed to download games and apps from GameDVA to choose the right device to use. Besides, you can provide content to comment or report missing errors as well as exchange with other members.

Join GameDVA channel appearing on social networks, shorten the support to become anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

Commitment to the security of information

We will not provide any of your personal information to third parties for profit or data sharing purposes. Everything collected from users for the purpose of improving the experience, quality for themselves. Understanding the value of belief in the long-term development of GameDVA, the interests of the community are always a top priority.

Policy changes

We may need to change the policy to accommodate search engines in the future and for your own security. Because of this, the amount of time a user behaves will be saved so that the collation of terms will take place faster.

GameDVA’s development path with a strong hope to help the community get dedicated service, will have useful software introduced and impressive games easy to install faster, free of charge!