Prison Escape 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) 0.3.30

Updated 09/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NamePrison Escape 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, items
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Prison Escape 3D

You are imprisoned but want the freedom you deserve. Prison Escape 3D will be a powerful tool to help you do that. Escape from a heavily guarded prison. Team up with your allies to win freedom together. I bet you this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In real life, escaping from prison is almost impossible. Then in Prison Escape 3D, it’s completely possible. Admire the skillful escape of the cunning criminal. You will be the one to support him during his escape.

Breaking through all the guards to reach freedom seems like an impossible act. However, with Prison Escape 3D, this is completely possible. With many clever uses of wisdom and skills, you can bypass all of them. Given the size of the prison, it will certainly be a long and difficult journey. It won’t be a problem if there is support from teammates. Your ability to improvise quickly as well as to solve great problems comes from you. Now let’s prepare to escape.

Prison Escape 3D mod

Download Prison Escape mod – Overcoming the pursuit to find freedom

Then why would you love a prison escape game like Prison Escape 3D? The answer is the variety of problem-solving methods of this game. The process of escaping will incorporate a lot of skills required from puzzles, escape matches, and many more skills. The appearance of teammates is like bright salvation to help you complete the game more perfectly. But that doesn’t mean the warden’s power is low. Be careful because, with just one small mistake, you can be caught immediately. Be careful in every move to make a perfect escape.

Each area will be filled with traps and tricky puzzles. Almost every position in prison has its presence. And if you want to escape from prison, you have to overcome all such things. Accompanied by the intense pursuit of the correctional officers. Later, the rhythm of Prison Escape 3D is pushed higher. That’s why you have to improve your puzzle-solving skills as quickly as possible. I can’t let them take me back to prison.

Prison Escape 3D mod mod

The most complex puzzles

Prison Escape’s puzzle system is both complex and interesting. Puzzles interspersed in many locations in prison show how difficult it is to escape. We have some typical puzzles like unlocking the door with an iron bar. Or escape the siege of many correctional officers waiting to capture you. A series of puzzles, if not solved, will not be able to escape. But you can solve them anyway. The game does not force you to follow the instructions absolutely. The number and difficulty will change when going to high levels. Be prepared for infinite puzzles.

Prison Escape 3D mod free

Prison break on a large scale

Not only escaping prison alone, accompanying you will be other cunning criminals. With just one smart guy, it can be done. So what if smart people cooperated. It will be a big problem for the warden if many criminals want to escape. They will work together to solve puzzles, destroy and run out as much as possible. The number of gifts you receive will correspond to the number of escaped criminals. So make a plan so that all criminals get out. This is definitely going to be a big event. Bring fame and much fame to you, like a real prison escape.

Prison Escape 3D mod apk

Use special weapons

We will have a lot of different weapons to assist criminals in escaping. The guns have the function of repelling the guards. Don’t let them get to our location. Other items aid in speeding up criminals. Freeze all guards. Even shoot us to a safe location. Weapons in the shop can be obtained with the money you earn. That amount of money rewarded from previous levels is quite worth it. Use all the tools needed to escape and create miracles. This will be the biggest and most expensive prison break ever.

Prison Escape 3D mod apk free

To increase team coordination and various skills. Avoid the pursuit of the correctional officers and head towards freedom. Prison Escape 3D will be one of the most amazing and fun games. Nothing can stop you from running away. Everything will be handled in the perfect way possible. Prison Escape 3D mod will help you master many unique elements to break out of prison.

How to Download & Install Prison Escape 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) for Android


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