Princess & Goblin MOD APK (Unlimited money, skill points) 1.0.7

Updated 05/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NamePrincess & Goblin APK
PublisherAhegao Corp
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skill points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Princess & Goblin

The fairy world in the stories we hear or see through the movies is always filled with color. Characters like princess, prince, knight, and witch are always indispensable. We always wish that one day we will be transformed into one of those characters. Now that dream will not be far away because there are Princess & Goblin. A game with a thrilling story of a fairytale world and evil princesses and goblins.

The story follows in the footsteps of a knight with powerful powers. Walk on the path to eliminate ferocious and barbaric goblins. The goblins are taking over the beautiful kingdom and destroying everything. You are a knight, stand up and chase them to protect your people. Summons the girls to help and bring peace to mankind. Simple gameplay but will be addictive for players. Especially for Anime fans, this is a more suitable choice. A 2D graphic with a cute style that makes us all feel soft. Wielding swords and fighting side by side with beautiful girls to defeat monsters.

Princess Goblin free

Download Princess & Goblin mod – On the way to destroy goblins

When you come to the world of Princess & Goblin you will be transformed into a knight. Your mission is to fight goblins to make a lot of profit. You will be managing a team of beautiful girls. Summon them to make your job easier and get more resources. You will be able to work with more and more princesses. Each of them will have a different appearance, personality, and weapon. Another special thing is that they will always be loyal to you. Just touch and order the princesses to fight the goblins. You will only need to collect resources from the battle for yourself to become rich.

Princess Goblin mod apk

Owning beautiful princesses

Owning a group of beautiful princesses is easy in Princess & Goblin. You can collect a lot of resources and expand your battle scale to own more princesses. Just summoning, princesses and powerful, beautiful female demons will fight for you. Possessing as many princesses as possible through summoning them during the ritual. Or earn their cards in rare levels like R, SR, SSR. All will be stored in an extensive library. You can see their basic parameters, information. You can even watch their facial expressions and listen to the warm voice of the princesses with beautiful looks.

Princess Goblin apk

Gather countless resources

Not only can you possess beautiful girls, but you can also gather a multitude of resources. When you own the princesses you can arrange them and battle positions for profit. Extend even bigger by unlocking more mines and shafts. The more mines you have, the greater your income will be. Possessing more powerful princesses. Strong and rare princesses will have combat abilities and special skills. Their high frequency of combat will help you to gain a considerable amount of resources. Build a smart and powerful combat squad. The beautiful princesses will help you to become the most powerful man on the planet.

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Explore new worlds

In the world of Princess & Goblin, there will be many magical lands waiting for you to explore. You can reach these lands by unlocking the map. In this land, you can expand your colonies. A larger combat scale will be an infinite source of revenue for you. Arrange the strongest princesses to fight and collect more resources for you. A business model by destroying hideous goblins and receiving remuneration. Protect the people from their vandalism and carnage. Wipe out all the goblins from the realm of the kingdom. Bring peace to the gentle and simple people.

Princess Goblin mod

There are many interesting features included by the manufacturer in Princess & Goblin. You will be able to appoint any princess to manage your axes. Princesses in different rankings will help you summon the kinds of characters you love. You can still ensure the progress of resource gathering even when you leave the game because the princesses are always fighting non-stop. Explore new lands on the world map. Use the tools to increase the motivation of the princesses to fight. Download Princess & Goblin mod now to become a brave knight. Together with the beautiful princesses, defeat evil goblins and bring peace to the world.

How to Download & Install Princess & Goblin MOD APK (Unlimited money, skill points) for Android


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