Pocket Dungeon MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited diamonds, add gold) 1.4.0

Updated 14/11/2021 (3 years ago)
NamePocket Dungeon APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited diamonds, add gold
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Pocket Dungeon MOD APK detail?

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Unlimited Diamonds
  • -> Multiply Gold Received

Introduce MOD APK Pocket Dungeon

Dungeons have always been known to be terrifying and dangerous places for humans. But coming to Pocket Dungeon, you will have to protect it because this is where you live. Summon mighty warriors to fight the invaders together. Build the fortress firmly so that it is difficult for them to enter again. Become the safest place with your intelligent and skillful guidance. Don’t miss the chance to prove yourself in your way.

Overall, Pocket Dungeon is built relatively simple way compared to many games of the same genre. Its image is also not too excellent to compare with any competitors. But what makes it so attractive is the addictive gameplay mechanics. Simple but does not create boredom because it is constantly changing. Bringing the legendary battles, you look forward to most in your life. Use your knowledge to make it more interesting.

Pocket Dungeon mod

Download Pocket Dungeon mod – Defend your magic dungeon

The dungeon where you govern is continuously operated in the best and most organized way. However, recently it was being threatened by the powerful forces of other dungeons. Therefore, to protect what you have built, you need to form an army of your own. Summon all the strongest warriors you have to fight together. Just swipe to order your troops to attack the enemy in front of you.

Along with that, combine exploring many other activities while fighting. It sounds contradictory, but it can work on its own. So you don’t need to spend too much effort on essential battles.

Pocket Dungeon mod free

Monster Hero Summon

Many powerful creatures with limitless abilities exist in your dungeons, such as vampires, Frankenstein, Egyptian mummies, zombies, or dark magicians. You can put the guys you need in line so they can work together. Create an entire army that can defeat any enemy. If you want them to be stronger, you need to spend a relative amount of money on upgrading and helping increase their base stats and combat effectiveness. But you also need to arrange the squad smartly to avoid being taken advantage of by them. What could be better than controlling a horde of mighty monsters?

Upgrade your castle

Your castle is where the monsters live and do their work. If it were destroyed, then indeed, their fate would be the same. In the palace, war can create special effects to help fight better. Upgrading the castle to a higher level will help you unlock a lot of new features. Summon higher level and more special monsters into the squad you need.

Along with that, you will see the shape of the castle change with each level. Becoming more and more solid and exceptional with beautiful effects. It’s not a fairy tale, but it’s incredible.

Pocket Dungeon mod apk

Exploitation of resources

Only by fighting the enemy will you never be able to get what you want. So need to find other better solutions to get more resources. Mining is one of the most effective options to take advantage of, and you need to unlock it and start letting your people down gradually. There are two types of mines, diamond mines and gold mines, and you can use both. The skeletons will continuously mine and turn into assets for you. Although it is not too much, it has given you the ability to accumulate wealth in a better way. Don’t worry too much about your progress.

Pocket Dungeon mod android

Discover everything

In addition to fighting, there are also many special activities for you to participate in and experience. It not only brings joy but also brings many gifts. Those activities will include attending funerals, live music parties, or helping the savant. Each activity has its gameplay mechanics to challenge you. If you do well, the reward will be more, and you will have abundant resources. There will also be limited items for you to own. Join all to know what your dungeon exists. Life was no different from those of a regular human being.

Through the castle building process of Pocket Dungeon mod, you will learn a lot of exciting things. From there, you can live more optimistically and happily than ever before. Become the strongest and own all the unique monsters in your collection.

How to Download & Install Pocket Dungeon MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited diamonds, add gold) for Android


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