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Updated 13/01/2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Pigments

Graphics and art always require innovation and flexibility, and people working in this field constantly improve themselves and develop their creativity daily. It can be said that colour plays a vital role in graphic design or art-related areas and is the element that catches the eye of the audience, the first customer. So to be able to pursue these subjects, it is not enough to have artistic ability, to have an understanding of colour and to be able to bring unique palettes that cannot be found in other countries—another place. And Pigments is an application that can help us do this easily. Create entirely new palettes and colours? It’s utterly trivial with this app.

This is where users can freely promote their creativity without limits, create unique colours with a personal impression and then share it with everyone. It is a glorious achievement. Indeed art users will be attracted to Pigments at first sight; as an assistant, this application will significantly support users on that artistic path.

Pigments Color Scheme Creator mod apk free

Download Pigments mod – Unlimited colour creation

Pigments is an application that can design and create new colours by choosing the tone you want, moving the slider or the numeric inputs to change the hue; the user already has a colour. The new colour palette is unique. Users can also import new images and colour palettes into the application as a reference source for their colour design. With new colours, users can name them according to their preferences to distinguish them and mark their copyright. Pigments have an eye-catching and highly user-friendly interface that can change the theme flexibly between light or dark depending on the user’s wishes. Many exciting and unique features are waiting for users to discover in turn.

Pigments Color Scheme Creator mod

Neat and clean interface

The first highlight that is also the factor that makes users feel the most satisfied is that Pigments owns an elegant, clean, but equally modern interface, and just a glance is that the user has understood how this application works. Users can easily access all features that Pigments owns right at the application’s main menu without manipulating many steps. Everything in the app is organized into specific categories for easy searching, so users will always find the feature they need in no time. With a minimalistic interface, Pigments is suitable for all audiences, even if not professional designers can still use this application for many different purposes.

Pigments Color Scheme Creator mod apk

Design unique colour palettes

Pigments offer a comprehensive palette of colours, and it is up to the user to create unique new colours like no other. How to do it is extremely simple, select the tone that the user wants, then move the slider or input the number of HEX, RGB, HSV, and CMYK to customize the tint of the colour through the small square below. Users will know when their colour reaches a satisfactory level to stop. In addition, Pigments also has colour themes available for users to rely on to set up colour palettes such as Experimental, Gradient, Pastel, Neutral, metallic, Warm, Cool/Cold, and Skin Tones; users also have You can indulge their creativity in the Random theme. Now, users will never have to worry and find new palettes on other platforms when they can create many new palettes with Pigments.

Pigments Color Scheme Creator mod android free

Allows easy colour import and export

Once you have new colour palettes, use them for your artwork and graphic projects. Pigments allow users to import and export palettes easily for different purposes. Users can enter sample colour palettes and beautiful colour images into the application for reference and documentation to create new colours for themselves. Because the Pigments application can benefit from the idea that the user enters into a palette, and the user chooses the colour manually or let it automatically scan all. In addition, with new colour palettes that users personally design, they can export and share them to different platforms to show off to friends or use.

Pigments Color Scheme Creator mod android

Download Pigments mod to experience the design and create new and unique colour palettes for your artistic journey.

How to Download & Install Pigments MOD APK (Plus) for Android


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