Pepi Hospital MOD APK (Map Unlocked) 1.4.1

Updated on 25/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NamePepi Hospital APK
PublisherPepi Play
MOD FeaturesMap Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Pepi Hospital is a kid-friendly medical center simulation game with different zones. Become a doctor, patient or simply just curious to explore around. Write your own story inside a large hospital system with many different zones. Here, players can meet and get acquainted with special characters. Each brings an interesting story that enriches your character’s life. Although the game is relatively fun, you may face unexpected situations and challenges that occur every day. With enough courage, faith and perseverance, you can do it.

Players who come here can experience their busy daily life in the hospital. There are always patients hospitalized every day, your job is to examine and treat them and take care of them every day. The quicker these patients recover and leave the hospital, the better. Both give your hospital a good reputation and make room for those who come later. Every job and every activity is in your hands. From departments such as obstetrics to neurology or pediatrics, your presence is needed everywhere. A dedicated and enthusiastic doctor loved by many. Learn interesting stories about patients who come here.

Pepi Hospital mod

Download Pepi Hospital mod – Become a treating doctor and learn stories about patients

The operation of the game is relatively simple. Players observe a turn around the hospital, find out each person’s problem. Look at the problem and find the best solution for each patient. Long press and move the character to the desired location. Tap on each person to discover their claim. In the pepi hospital lobby, there is a multi-function robot that does some of the main activities. This robot, in addition to cleaning the hospital. It also transforms doctors and patients, changing their clothes. When a patient is unloaded from the ambulance, lying on the ambulance stretcher. Have a nurse review the situation, and transfer the patient to the appropriate room.

Pepi Hospital mod apk


As a large medical center, it is full of operating rooms, clinics, coffee shops or pharmacies. Treating patients with different methods also makes you think. Assess the situation logically and come up with the most effective method. When a patient is injured, their area will appear as a red circle. Based on location, judge which clinic the patient should be taken to. For example, with a leg injury, it is impossible to bring the patient to the eye clinic. The X-ray room has a specialized machine. It can check the patient after scanning and putting a cast on the patient.

Pepi Hospital apk

Various characters

As a fun and famous hospital, many visitors choose this place to take care of themselves. As a dedicated doctor, players should not discriminate against their appearance. Each patient’s appearance is different to avoid confusion. a Flower girl with yellow skin. A football fan wears a team shirt but has the face of a weasel. Or the doctor has the appearance of a purple or blue monster. There are old grandparents, newborns, pregnant women, etc. Everyone has a different appearance. Everywhere there are patients waiting to be diagnosed.

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Medical knowledge

Although it is only an online game, Pepi Hospital gives players accurate medical knowledge. Necessary steps in a healing process are also included to avoid confusing the player. The robot named Pepi-bot will be a right hand, a great assistant for the player. From what it’s like to welcome a newborn to seeing your teeth as a dentist. Every day, you also need to visit the doctor, measure blood pressure and check the patient’s current situation. Get to know the patient in a friendly way and give the most sincere advice. The processes take place in a regular order before and after.

Pepi Hospital android

The game that opens is not for an independent audience at all. And the manufacturer also encourages the participation of the entire family. From there, you can use methods to educate young children about caring and caring for others. Explain things that appear in the hospital so that children acquire accurate knowledge. Unlock a lot of clinic areas, and rest floors for patients. This is the perfect choice for your interactive story. Download Pepi Hospital mod to discover interesting stories about doctors and patients inside this fun medical center.

Download Pepi Hospital MOD APK (Map Unlocked) for Android

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