Passion Puzzle MOD APK 1.16.5 (Unlimited energy, moves, instant win)

Updated on 13/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NamePassion Puzzle APK
PublisherWhee Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited energy, moves, instant win
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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A special combination of a dating game and a puzzle game. Bring a new and extremely unique style. It should be recommended to those who both love flirting with beautiful girls and gently puzzle. Passion Puzzle is a game with a puzzle and dating style for adults by hit game developer Nutaku. Already too famous for releasing discreet but still attractive games. Surely Passion Puzzle will make you quite excited and satisfied.

To give players a new and different style compared to other dating games. Passion Puzzle has one of the exceptional storylines. However, it has appeared before in older games. But with a different plot and approach than its predecessors. You will be free to flirt with girls. Try to win their hearts by elevating their looks, sense of humor, and way of talking through various challenging puzzles.

Passion Puzzle mod

Download Passion Puzzle mod – Get ready for unexpected fun

You get to play as a tourist when you have just finished your flight to a romantic and sunny coastal city. To relax during the rare holidays and make new friends. There are many large commercial centers and modern buildings. Most especially, the appearance of beautiful and extremely attractive girls. And the strange thing is that these girls seem to be quite interested in you. Don’t know when your adventure of conquering girls has begun.

Comes with sweet flirting with girls. Those are intellectual puzzles. But with a design that will be a bit different from the classic puzzle games. Instead of lining up a square block. The puzzle will arrange the puzzle pieces in an alternating hexagonal box like a honeycomb. Each puzzle piece has a different color and shape. Your task is to connect the pieces of the same color. Form an explosive chain reaction and get the corresponding score. Completing the levels will bring money closer to your beautiful girls.

Passion Puzzle mod apk

The plot is engaging and clear.

Each puzzle level will come with a separate story. Depending on the difficulty of each level, the stories will be clearly shown and go deeper. However, they will be different from each other. But there is a core content that is the process of meeting, dating, and getting to know the girls you just met. Each girl corresponds to a separate story chapter. Completing a chapter corresponds to having a crush on one of them. So try to use your wisdom and thinking. Complete challenging puzzles, win the hearts of attractive girls.

Passion Puzzle mod apk pure

Characters with multiple looks and personalities

Passion Puzzle is a dating game. So the characters in the game must be portrayed very clearly. Each person has her own personality. The girls are quite groomed in terms of appearance and personality. There are up to 6 girls for you to start a smart and attractive heart conquest. Includes Mary, Ivy, Holy, Mika, Shantal, and Emilia. Each with a different personality. Some are sweet and kind, and some are serious. Some are agile and active. But they all have one thing in common: they care about you. They want you to take the time to get to know them and flirt with them. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.

Passion Puzzle mod free

Breakthrough combination

Because for casual dating games, you need to build a good relationship with the characters by conversing with them. And in Passion Puzzle, not only by dialogue. We can also solve difficult jigsaw puzzles. It can increase an element of self such as appearance, talking, sense of humor, and personality. That will be a very important plus point for conquering the hearts of girls. Because obviously, no one wants to waste time talking to someone bland and rude. So, act wisely and properly. The girls will fall in love and give you great affection.

Passion Puzzle mod mod

Suppose your dating formulas don’t work in real life. So try them out with the girls in the game. Not that they weren’t smart, but with affection and sincerity. The girls will accept and give you all their love. And if you want to try a new way of dating, this is definitely a very reasonable choice. Download Passion Puzzle mod to turn the fun into reality.

Download Passion Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited energy, moves, instant win) for Android

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