PAC-MAN MOD APK (Untouch enemy/High score) 11.4.5

Updated 22/05/2024 (10 hours ago)
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
MOD FeaturesUntouch enemy/High score
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you are a person who knows a lot about the game, you must have heard of PAC-MAN. This is a simple game of the first generation and has brought a lot of fun. Now a mobile version for you to easily experience. It will make you extremely excited with the simple gameplay. Overcome thousands of tough challenges to complete the game—Run away from the ghosts that are chasing you around the maze.

This PAC-MAN mobile version was built by BANDAI NAMCO, the first publisher of this game. It will not be different from any detail of the original game. When playing, you will feel nostalgic as well as wonderful in the way it works. Challenge the player’s most skilled control skills. Not only that, but you also have to use your mind to conquer these challenges. Let’s start the war of Pac-Man and the ghosts.

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Download PAC-MAN mod – Run fast from scary ghosts

What if you are being chased by scary ghosts? I will definitely have to run not to give them a chance to find me. That is also the method by which you will find victory in the levels of PAC-MAN. You will control your friend Pac-Man by swiping the screen in the direction to go. Help him navigate through the paths of the massive dense maze. There will be a total of four ghosts moving freely in this maze. If you touch them, you will lose and have to start over the last move. When you get close to the ghosts, they will probably detect and chase you. Eat all the items around the map you will win.

Among the items you eat will be larger-than-normal circles. This can help you level up for a certain amount of time. It will make the ghosts weaker, and you can eat them back to earn more points. Make full use of these advantages to make the ghosts unable to dominate anymore.

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Hundreds of levels

The original PAC-MAN game will have 256 levels in total and at which point the player cannot continue. But with PAC-MAN mobile, it will be much improved compared to before. The classic levels now do not appear any more errors. At each level, you will see a different type of maze. All are randomly arranged, and there is no duplication here at all. Later levels will have more space portals connecting multiple lines. The speed of the game will also be raised higher to challenge players. The more you play, the more you can improve your skills to adapt to these difficulties.

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Join the tournament

Tournaments are a pretty cool and refreshing feature included in PAC-MAN. With this type of play, you will participate in certain levels that are arranged for you. Every time you win, you will have some accumulated points for yourself. With this score, you will be ranked with the players in the system. The higher the score, the better your chances of beating a lot of different individuals. Those with the highest achievements will be in the top players of the season. Participating in this tournament also requires you to play more carefully than usual. Try to score the highest score to compete with other competitors.

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Daily quests

Want to earn more coins to exchange for items that help you? Then complete the required tasks to satisfy your aspirations. These missions will be refreshed daily with different levels. All can be done very easily if you work hard. Those challenges can be eating a certain number of cherries or killing many ghosts while playing. Depending on the difficulty, the rewards you receive will be higher. A lot of coins are waiting for you to collect to enrich yourself quickly. Do not miss the attractive offers that this game gives you.

You can use coins for many different purposes in this game. Maybe unlock new challenges to start the process of conquering them. Or you can exchange it for participating in tournaments to earn more achievements for yourself. Each item will require you to spend a certain amount of coins for it. So play and accumulate a lot to do whatever you love. As your playing skills improve, your performance will improve. Your score is a testament to that effort in PAC-MAN mod.

How to Download & Install PAC-MAN MOD APK (Untouch enemy/High score) for Android


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