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Updated 26/03/2023 (1 year ago)
NameOverrun APK
PublisherWildfire Games Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free shopping/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Overrun

The undead is one of Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense’s deadliest forces, that’s for sure. But survivors like you can ultimately trounce them. Make use of all that is left of the modern world that lies. Use them to wipe out the oncoming zombie hordes. Your merciless bullets will kill one by one. Save the future of humanity and protect the survivors. That is the dignity that a noble person like us can effectively shoulder.

Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense belongs to the strategic defense genre for those who love thinking. An apocalyptic world created in quite detailed and high-quality 3D graphics. Not only that, the sound and the options are optimized exceptionally well. The battles bring high quality to your leisure time. No more worrying about choosing too poor quality games. Play and feel to be able to give your best rating. You will probably be addicted to what Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense creates with a lot of effort.

Overrun Zombie Tower Defense mod

Download Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense mod – Fight large-scale attacks

After the zombie apocalypse, the world was almost plunged into unprecedented chaos. However, not everyone is transformed and becomes scary. There are still people who are still alive and looking forward to being released from the existing suffering. Your mission is to protect the bases containing the last people. First, build your defenses to suit your strategy. Help stop the undead from approaching you in a healthy and resilient way. The people inside will continuously fire bullets to destroy each approaching zombie. If you survive the constant attacks, you will be safe and escape.

Choose a good weapon

In our bases, many weapons have been collected from the remaining battlefields. This amount of firearms is enough to use and has a reasonably large variety, from small pistols to shotguns, rifles, and machine guns. You will buy this equipment and give it to the characters in the team. They will use these weapons to complete the assigned tasks in the best way. The stronger the gun, the easier it is to pass the next level. The most important thing is that we can hold out for as long as possible before the subsequent attacks. So don’t give zombies a chance to destroy the barrier you’ve built.

Overrun Zombie Tower Defense mod free

Build a base

A makeshift base is the best method to defend against the restless waves of the undead. Players can arrange the walls and barbed wire around themselves discreetly. The way it is built will also significantly affect the stages of the war. Never leave the border open or the zoom. Bies can get in. When the number of enemies is too large, they can try to weaken the wall. So players need to upgrade to increase the number of partitions. Not only that, but the quality of the raised wall will also be more difficult to destroy. Create a chance to stand your ground in high difficulty levels and win great rewards.

Overrun Zombie Tower Defense mod apk

Survivor Upgrade

Disaster survivors have quite a few talents that can help you. We can find these people by recruiting in the mystery chest. The power of these people is ranked according to their rarity. The higher the monster, the higher the fighting ability and stats. We also need to raise them to a higher level to cultivate a higher fighting power. This can be expensive, but it is well worth the cost of winning. They will be an excellent tool for us to fight against aggressive zombies. So don’t give them a chance to destroy this beautiful world.

Overrun Zombie Tower Defense mod android

Strategy map

The world of Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense is divided into many different maps. Every place you go to will be a strategic place that needs to be protected. Citizens need time to get to our bases. Depending on each map, we encounter different types of dangerous enemies. They can be much more robust than regular zombies and easily manipulate the fight. That’s why survivors need to be strong enough to overcome it. Don’t forget the base weapons can also help you in Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense mod.

How to Download & Install Overrun MOD APK (Menu, Free shopping/Unlocked) for Android


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