Ocean Survival MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.0.4

Updated 17/05/2023 (1 year ago)
NameOcean Survival APK
PublisherCandy Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Ocean Survival

Survival in the wild is extremely difficult. When we are born into a full age, it will be difficult to survive. All you have to do is make the most of it. Save yourself before being brutally beaten by nature. To experience the wildlife on a wild island, come to Ocean Survival. The game simulates real human life in nature.

Against the scene when a huge storm suddenly engulfs your ship. You are lucky to survive on a lifeboat and drift into an island. On this desert island, you will have to survive and build yourself a solid shelter. The game is designed in beautiful and eye-catching 3D graphics with a first-person perspective. The details in the game have been faithfully recreated to every small detail. A survival masterpiece for those who want to challenge themselves without having to go far. Just sitting in one place, you can start the journey of living on the desert island. Fight to stay alive and wait for the rescue team found to rescue you from this place.

Ocean Survival mod

Download Ocean Survival mod – Survival on the harsh desert island

Lost on an unknown island in Ocean Survival, you will have to save yourself. Your task is to find food and drink in the early stages. The next stage is to build yourself a place to be able to have a safe shelter. Control your character to move with the virtual joystick. For the character to attack, press the attack button, destroy the creatures on the island to collect food. After a while of survival, you will become proficient with the island. Can build themselves an ideal place to live. Be a very intelligent and experienced survivor to be able to stand there. Turn the deserted island into her second home.

Ocean Survival mod download

A myriad of survival accessories

From the items that are leftover and drifted into the island, you can make use of them. These are useful tools to help you in your survival. There will be attackable weapons such as homemade spears, hook guns, or hammers to be able to hunt. You can make fishing rods so that you can catch big fish that you can eat. Take advantage of how these accessories become most useful. Use them so you can make plenty of food to store for later. Not only that, but these tools will also help you in many different situations. Times of danger can be used to protect you from major threats, becoming something useful.

Ocean Survival mod free

Shelter construction

Food is important, but shelter is just as important. The shelter can help keep you away from rain, sun, and storms. Gives you a place to rest after a long, tiring day. Collect materials such as wood to be able to form parts of the house. Put these parts together to create a house just the way you want it. Freely design a home of your dreams by making lots of wood. Not only that, but you can also make furniture such as tables and chairs. Make your home more comfortable. Turn a harsh deserted island into a resort for you with a villa built by your own hands.

Ocean Survival mod apk

Cook delicious food

In order to enrich survival, you can prepare dishes. Not simply baking food to eat through the day, but push it to new heights. Use the ingredients you have earned on the island for cooking. Meat and other ingredients can be used to make a delicious hot steak. Or use fish to make Japanese-style sushi. Along with that are many other recipes to make your meal more diverse. Cook according to the recipes available to make yourself a hearty meal. Become a king of a desert island and enjoy the achievements you have created.

Ocean Survival mod android

Enjoy the beautiful view

To make this life more meaningful, enjoy it to the fullest. After you’ve got everything you need to do, you will think differently. This place is no different than a resort for you. Although it is a bit strenuous, in return it will be a place for you to enjoy everything. The beautiful scenery of majestic nature on a deserted island without human shadow. You are alone with the breath of the vast sea and the green trees. Live your life to the fullest in a place just for you. Download Ocean Survival mod to survive on the harshest desert island. Make this deserted island your second home and unleash your creativity.

How to Download & Install Ocean Survival MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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