Notification History MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Updated 08/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NameNotification History APK
PublisherLufesu Inc.
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Notification History

If users are bored by constantly appearing notifications that distract them, Notification History is an option that can solve that with just one tap. It can be said that this is a handy application when it can mute notifications and only allow important notifications to be displayed. All notifications sent to the device will be folded into the notification bar instead of displayed directly on the screen. Ensuring the user’s working process as well as using the mobile phone will not be interrupted, focusing on solving all tasks seamlessly will no longer be too tricky with the help of Notification. History. Let this app help users deal with the annoyance of notifications today.

Although muted and does not allow notifications to appear on the screen anymore, Notification History ensures that users will not miss or lose notifications. Since this application neatly organizes all notifications and is divided into categories, which have been read and not clearly shown.

Notification History mod android

Download Notification History mod – Manage and control notifications

Notification History is an application that helps users control all notifications sent to the device; it solves the annoyance of notifications that constantly pop up and disturb the user’s mobile phone usage. This application relies on user settings to rate the importance of each Notification and arrange them in order of priority, and only the important notifications will sound or vibrate. Usually, the sound will be muted. As a result, the number of notifications appearing on the screen will decrease, and users will no longer be distracted by too many notifications. Notification History significantly improves user focus by reducing notifications’ appearance so that the user’s work progress will always be stable and can not be interrupted.

Notification History mod apk free

Limit most notifications

Previously, all incoming notifications would come with a reminder tone and a vibration mode to attract users’ attention; now, Notification History will limit that. Only important notifications that always need to be checked and answered promptly will sound or vibrate; all other notifications will be silenced and will not appear on the screen. Device image that fits neatly in the notification bar. In which notifications of entertainment applications such as games, video playback and music playback will be the top choices placed on the silent list. The fact that notifications do not often appear on the screen anymore will significantly improve the user’s concentration, and it can even make the habit of using the phone constantly eliminated.

Notification History mod

Centralize notifications in a different place

All notifications will be entirely focused on the notification bar so that whenever users want, they can open it to check. Notification History will be based on the importance of each application that arranges notifications, important notifications will be prioritized to be pushed to the top, and other notifications will be arranged in order at the back. Read notifications will automatically be moved to another place, and unread notifications will be grouped in one place and displayed in a collapsed form. Through the Notification History icon, users will know which notifications they have read and which have not. Thanks to that, users will never miss a notification even though most have been put into silent mode; the system ensures that none of the user’s notifications will be lost.

Notification History mod apk

Simple and convenient

Notification History is relatively easy, so that any object can use it proficiently. They own a simple interface with the primary colour green so that the application will give users an extremely relaxing and gentle experience. Setting up Notification History is not complicated; users need to provide control over notifications for the application and make a few choices about important notifications that cannot be missed, the rest. This application will run automatically without any further action. With Notification History, the user will control all notifications, and mobile phone users will no longer be bothered by annoying notifications. Whenever users want, they can quickly review their notifications.

Notification History mod android free

Download Notification History mod to eliminate the hassle of notifications during work or mobile use.

How to Download & Install Notification History MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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