North Dragon Island MOD APK v1.32 (Unlimited money)

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NameNorth Dragon Island
Publisherforanj - farm day games & paradise township hotels
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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North Dragon Island shows you the life of the Vikings. No modern machines, no internet, can only rely on their survival ability. Doing labor jobs, making tools from natural resources. Enjoy a fresh living space. Build mines to mine iron ore and salt and grow fruit and food crops in fields and gardens. Discover many new areas to expand your territory.

It is a game set in a new context when players begin to join an island in the territory of the Vikings. You will be given a brief introduction by a village elder about the activities taking place here. Integrate with people who are currently looking for ways to live and develop materially. Feed them and build everything to your liking. Depending on the player’s arrangement to turn this place into a great farm. There is always a whistle, the call of happiness. A simple, relaxed, and warm life is waiting for you.

North Dragon Island mod android free

Download North Dragon Island mod – Join the Viking life

Of course, it will not be only players living in North Dragon Island. On this island, there is a small family currently residing. Everyone has a hobby in their own spare time. Sometimes there will be some requests from the characters, such as providing food. Players need to fulfill that wish, give it to them, and then receive a bit of gold and items as a thank you. Nothing is too complicated. As long as you care and care for everyone, you will receive worthy rewards.

In addition to gathering, the Vikings also raised fish, octopus, tortoise… to grow and sell. Daily chores take place to sustain life. Collect rare resources, trade with each other to make your farm more developed. Build your farm, earn a lot of gold. Harvest crops, feed animals and defy all cold weather so that the development of the farm will not face any obstacles.

North Dragon Island mod

Harvest season has come

Already a farming game, farming is the main element in North Dragon Island. Players need to level up to unlock other crops such as sunflowers, beans, radishes, etc. Buy and place more plots to get more planting area. Wait and then reap the results after a while. Bring your food to make food or feed for pets. This will be an exciting and long-lasting job indispensable for every player.

North Dragon Island mod apk free

Build like the Vikings

In addition to farming and raising livestock, creating many massive constructions is also in the plan of this game. Having raised chickens, players must build a coop, and if they want to cook, they must do a food processing workshop. A lot of different production areas need players to install. In addition, there are decorations to create the beauty of this island. Don’t forget the tasks included in the game. It will suggest you a few things to make the construction work more manageable. Complete it and get more gold, gems, and other items.

North Dragon Island mod free free

Strolling around the vast island

It will take a long time to open all the areas in the game because North Dragon Island is huge with beautiful scenery. Entering here, players will immediately see a long waterfall going along the map. Pulling up is a mountain covered with white snow. Go all the way to the right, and you will see a large beach surrounded. Every detail and image is designed to be the most vivid and accurate. Big old trees everywhere create a beautiful picture of nature.

North Dragon Island mod free

Bringing goods farther

Trade diplomacy is also essential if you want to own a large property and become a rich person. Thanks to the support of a Viking friend, he specializes in going outside the island by boat to transport food. Having orders hanging on a sign next to his ship are quests for you to do. Earn more gold and gems from selling your food. If the order is too difficult, the player can cancel and wait for the new order to be posted.

North Dragon Island mod apk

North Dragon Island mod owns a gentle sound that relaxes all players. Combined with simple gameplay but many novelties. Meticulous graphics induce sympathy and comfort. You can play the game anytime, anywhere in your free time to clear your mind. This game is like a tonic for everyone. There was no war between the Viking tribes, but only a peaceful, happy life passed. Discover what’s new on this island!

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