NewCity MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.8.2

Updated 13/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameNewCity APK
PublisherRaya Game Publishing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK NewCity

Become an influential mayor and develop a farm-based city in the game NewCity. You will enter a small farm town and receive a plan to create it. The goal is to expand the farm and turn it into a developed city. You have an essential role in this city because you must manage all the activities. The more the town grows, the more likely you are to expand your borders and become a city. Being mayor is not as easy as watching your region develop independently. Veloso creates a plan like an absolute ruler and makes a prosperous town.


A city will not develop positively without a talented mayor. Crimes will appear one after another, and people will have to live in fear daily. It wouldn’t even be called a city if only one puppet mayor existed. So take on the job of a city manager and start building things. Start with owning a farm, but later, it will be a most developed city. All your efforts will be rewarded, and you deserve to own a beautiful urban place. Renovate the farm and create a megacity from the development of everything to the whole.

NewCity android

Download NewCity mod – Finish building a new city from the farm

Your goal when starting this world is to create a new city from the farm. It would be best if you built the most basic foundations to develop the foundation of a city. It is a building where all citizens can enter and enjoy a sense of security. A thriving city is when it has the most necessary facilities for the settlement plan. And don’t forget your city is a farm and keeps growing. Part of the city’s income comes from here and it is a food source for all residents. So take over the management of the farm and complete the plan to build the most modern city.

NewCity apk

Regional innovation

This farm place has long been known for its normalcy with ruins everywhere. Poor management has made this place so poor that it cannot pick itself up after a failure. The farm needs a helping hand to regenerate and unleash the hidden potential behind it. And your arrival will soon change this place into a completely different place from before. You are an appointed mayor and will make this place even better. New buildings will be erected and replace the area that was previously overlooked. Use a manager’s strategy and bring your vision to regional innovation.

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Vibrant city

The city has been renovated from a farm and is more vibrant than ever. Now a manager like you needs to care about creating services for people. They need food, and you can get them from city farming. This city was originally a farm, and you needed to upgrade the food production system. Residents also need a place to settle down, and you need to build apartments according to the plan. So let’s make amusement parks because this city will become boring if it is only significant. Create a vibrant metropolis and create an ideal place to live for residents entering the town.

NewCity mod apk

Construction achievements

You have successfully built a city from a farm and are eligible for achievements. This city can provide you with more than 300 different buildings, and you can place them anywhere. These buildings are so unique that every resident feels comfortable staying there. However, you will not be able to open the facilities immediately but must follow the management process. The better you manage the city, the shorter the time you get facilities. Achievements can also be obtained when you complete construction missions. Enjoy the feeling of success when creating a thriving city and get construction achievements.

NewCity mod

You are taken to an underdeveloped place and given the plan to build it into a city. Your goal is already there, and you will very soon achieve it with the ability to manage with a plan. You will need to create the necessary facilities for the new residents to come and live comfortably. Former farm areas will be renewed and transformed into vibrant cities. Buildings will be erected and conceal the inherent clutter of a ruined farm. Finally, and more importantly, you will receive achievements when building a vibrant city. Download NewCity mod to renovate a developed town from an old farm.

How to Download & Install NewCity MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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