Necromancer Arena MOD APK 1.0.86 (Menu/High DMG/Dumb enemy/Gold multiplier)

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NameNecromancer Arena APK
PublisherGoormsoft Corp.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/High DMG/Dumb enemy/Gold multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

*Restart game to restore effect

Necromancer Arena is a role-playing game in a mysterious magical world. Play as a talented wizard hero with the ability to summon mists to serve as soldiers for your army. A young but experienced man leads an army of white skeletons. Use their full power to fight the demon army raging on your farm. On a large field, scattered branches of fallen trees. Spirits, youkai run around here. The player controls the character to use the weapon and destroy the entire army. Each dead animal turns into a pile of gold coins and gems for you to pick up.

In the right corner of the screen, there are circles with representative images of the characters you have recovered. Each time the player clicks on a character, those animals appear and join the attack with you. The number of animals is written on the side of this circle. After dropping one on the field, the player needs to wait for a circle of that shape to be able to summon the next one. Follow the blue health column on the heads of the characters in your army to know the remaining time. In particular, there is a diamond-shaped gray rock, and inside there is a blue gem hanging. Break it to earn more gold coins.

Necromancer Arena apk free

Download Necromancer Arena mod – Become a talented magician who summons a team of zombies and undead to serve you

After killing all enemies along with rare stones, the player goes to the end of the path. Step through a cosmic black hole to advance to the next battle zone. The enemy’s army of spirits and youkai had many different shapes. Some are blue water mounds. Mushrooms wear fat green caps. Next to the circles, represent the soldiers you collect. There is also a special skill circle for combat. In addition, the higher the level, the more players can unlock more new squares. From there, enhance skills, and collect other soldiers. Make the fight easier.

Monster army

As mentioned above, players need to collect an army of zombies to serve them. Can use money, gold, and gems to buy or can also be collected after glorious victories. Necromancer Arena offers a treasure trove of zombies full of special skills. They also have an extremely eye-catching appearance and are worth paying attention to. Skeleton wearing iron armor, wielding a sword and a mighty shield. Or a burning green flame with red eyes. There was a whole squad of horsemen with their faces covered and red cloaks. Behind is a red icon that always follows me.

Necromancer Arena apk

Special skill

Players can choose between bringing in multiple troops Or can split the army in half and bring the other half with special skills. Because if you only bring troops that can only kill normally. It’s hard to fight against the onslaught of goblins out there. The collection of special skills players can use is also extremely rich. The power vortex skill sucked the goblins in. The skill rain of fire caused a torrent of fireballs to fall from the sky. Or the skill to create a layer of spherical light that protects each member of your army.

Necromancer Arena mod apk

Character equipment

If you let such a character bring you into the war, you can only overcome the initial easy hurdles. Until the level is more difficult, encounter powerful bosses. If only with basic skills, it would be impossible to defeat them. Therefore, players can equip more items to increase the player’s strength. Each inserted weapon can increase attack, defense, speed, accuracy. Colorful gold rings, bracelets, and necklaces designed royally. Or change into a special armor against attacks. Equip a variety of expensive weapons for the essential character.

Necromancer Arena mod

The battles of the Necromancer Arena take place in many different locations. Each location has certain advantages and disadvantages for players. The forest with dotted huts. Or the desert covered with heat is depicted in hot orange. The cave area is huge stone slabs. surrounded by a dark gray. The ice rink was all buried under a thick layer of snow. Players can pay attention to the selection of skills suitable for each climate. Download Necromancer Arena mod summoning zombies to stand up to fight against evil youkai.

Download Necromancer Arena MOD APK (Menu/High DMG/Dumb enemy/Gold multiplier) for Android

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