My Town: Discovery Pretend Play APK v1.25.5

Posted 1 month ago by Thuỷ Dương
Name My Town: Discovery Pretend Play
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Version 1.25.5
Size 359M
MOD Features N/A
Support Android 5.0+
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Have you ever felt like your life was pointless and boring? You want to go out into the distance and spread your wings like a flock of birds. To live in a place where there are no rules for you. Such a place, if you can find it, it is really difficult if you do not have the conditions. But that dream can come true with My Town: Discovery Pretend Play. A place where you can go your own way.

For children’s game makers, creating highly educational games is the problem. With My Town: Discovery Pretend Play we will see the role of this game with what it brings. A game with bright colors and simple characters. The details are modeled after cartoons for children. This is a good choice for parents who want to expose their children to the outside world. Educate you right from how to come up with a big enough thought to change yourself. Show you that the world is not as dark as you think. Teach children how to develop and be creative with everything they have.


Download My Town: Discovery Pretend Play – Create your own city

My Town: Discovery Pretend Play will give you a foundation on which to build the future. Let’s start building buildings, play areas, and anything else you love. You will not be limited by any laws or regulations. Unleash your creativity to create a city built by your own hands. Become a saint of that city and do what you want. After building your city string, you can explore the most interesting things. What your city owns are joy and smiles. Join them in the love songs of the people in the city. You will be a very creative person.


Unique currency unit

If you think that building an entire city will cost a lot of money, you are wrong. Money will not be the unit to measure value here, but the heart. Heart points are earned when you participate in community activities or mini-games. Heart points when accumulated enough will allow you to build new buildings. Make your city elevated to a new level of luxury. Unlock places you’ve never been to so you can have more fun with different pleasures. Try to earn as many heart points as possible to make bigger goals. Learn how to earn capital to accumulate for yourself.


Explore the museum

The museum is home to many specimens of historical and scientific value. Huge dinosaur skeletons are displayed in the middle of the hall. Models of prehistoric creatures are arranged around and annotated. Stone Age tools neatly housed in glass cases have a long history. Along with countless other artifacts are brought out for visitors everywhere to admire. Groups of students always come here with field trips to learn more. Add interesting knowledge about history that I have never known. Never stop learning about the vast outside world.


Change of appearance

The people around will dress in their own style. But you feel these clothes are too ordinary and not beautiful enough. Start changing their looks by buying them eye-catching outfits. Feel free to shape the citizens of the city with your own fashion style. You are a famous stylist and can set fashion trends for the city. Take your city in a more dynamic and colorful direction. Show off your talent to design and color the outfits that make them look amazing. Turn your citizens into stylish fashion models.


Go to interesting places

There will be attractive places in the city you should not miss. These locations can be luxury restaurants with delicious food served by yourself. Huge amusement parks with extremely fun games, giant swings, roller coasters. Go to big shopping malls to shop for interesting things for yourself. Shop for yourself the best and most luxurious clothes of the big brands. Play mini-games at major entertainment centers to earn more hearts into your pool. Those are all things you are about to have and will have in My Town: Discovery Pretend Play mod.


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