My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) 2.22.1

Updated 12/04/2024 (3 days ago)
NameMy Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT APK
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT

Hero academy fans should give My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT a try. The manga My Hero Academia has caused a worldwide fever when creating a world of highly high-quality heroes and villains. My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT was released for any fan to enjoy meeting that expectation. Join the hero academy as a player. Recruit the most popular characters from the manga to fight alongside you. The design of all the characters and powers are kept according to the original. So you will feel like you are really in the world of My Hero Academia.

Because you inherit the entire content of the manga and anime, you will see the main character Izuku and all the members of the hero academy. From the students to the teachers, they all have the same strength as the original. We’ll also meet some of the most dangerous villains in the franchise. Forced to stand up to fight to protect the world from evil villains. Heroes from young to old will accompany you to bring peace to mankind.

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT mod

Download My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT mod – Discover the most famous hero academy

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT depicts the everyday story of the hero academy. You are an instructor in that academy and are responsible for training generations of teenage heroes, with the hope that they will later be humanity’s greatest hope. That’s why you will be training your favourite characters. Meet the heroic warriors again and remember what their strength is. Train to upgrade skills as well as strength for young heroes. Of course, the events of encountering the villain are indispensable.

You have your hero base at the start of the game. This is the place to you summon heroes and possess them. The goal is to bring the warriors to practice in many different matches. Sometimes it could be going up against the villains or other heroes in the school. Not only fighting, but the story mode also shows a lot of the spirit of manga and anime. Follow protagonist Izuku Midoriya on his way to becoming the strongest hero. Many events featured in manga and anime will take place. However, now you are observed as part of the story. You will no longer be a mere spectator.

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT mod apk

New fighting style

You might think that the battles in the game will be confrontation or free combat. My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT but chooses turn-based combat. This is a way to make the size of the game not too heavy. One more thing is to make the battle experience of players on smartphones easier. The battle order is displayed next to the character, so you know its turn. Click on the target to attack and use skills. Each character has only one unique skill and is also the ultimate skill. There will be a scene where that character launches skills with beautiful effects when used. It’s the most exciting part of the wars.

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT mod apk free

Fun interface

The game’s main screen will have an extremely creative anime and manga style. In the middle is the cover photo of any character launching a move. It’s a big contribution to the developer’s visual design. Depending on the events of the year and the elements in My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT, there will be specific changes. Items are ordered above and below the screen. The store will offer a discount on the item. New items appear exclusively on that event. The hero academy and base will also be redecorated. Every login is a pleasant surprise for gamers.

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT mod free

List of heroes

The number of heroes you have depends on the number of resources and the challenges you have overcome. Or you can acquire heroes in another way by summoning. Again all the heroes will be very familiar characters. We have the main character Izuku Midoriya with the already famous One for All power. Bakugou Katsuki has a fiery and robust personality. Todoroki Shouto is calm and always there when needed. There are also many supporting characters in the hero academy. Rated from N to UR, summoning a UR hero will be difficult. It also depends on your luck.

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT free

Everything in My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT shows the details in My Hero Academia perfectly. The character is introduced with his familiar power and voice. The combat system is not too complicated but enough to attract any fastidious gamer. My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT mod can be considered a product for long-term entertainment. Enjoy and battle with heroes before looking forward to upcoming manga and anime sequels.

How to Download & Install My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android


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