Mortician Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money, chest) 1.0.39

Updated 25/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameMortician Inc APK
PublisherGame Veterans
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, chest
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Mortician Inc MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Money*
2. Unlimited Gold*
3. Unlimited Diamonds*
4. Buy chests even don’t have enough diamonds
*never decrease when you spent

Introduce MOD APK Mortician Inc

Mortician Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money, chest) is a beautiful business simulation game. With exciting content on very unique and fancy topics. Can you guess what that theme is? It sounds a bit spiritual, but it is well worth the welcome. This game is about services for funeral homes and care for the dead. This is interesting when you become a tycoon leading the cemetery, right? This game sounds very savage and has strong feelings. But rest assured because it’s just regular business. You will even be tempted to earn money! The souls of the deceased will surely remember your merits.

Even the dead deserve the best services. In this world, you are the boss of all the funerals in the city. So please bury your client in a kind and clean manner. However, this type of business simulation is quite unusual. But this will create something new and not boring for players. Have you ever imagined yourself as the top burial ground in the city? And everyone trusts you.

Mortician Inc. mod

Download Mortician Inc APK mod – take care of the lost

Participating in this game will have a separate store of dead care services. Of course, this job is entirely idle because you are the boss. Instead, you hire employees who are responsible for your team. Similar to real life, Mortician Inc will simulate similar customer care processes. Just sit at the store and take customer calls, then start processing. Make sure the deceased’s family is ready for this so the work will go smoothly. Then go to the required location to dig a grave for the dead. Next is to send staff to pick up the coffin. Finally, bury the body and plant them in its resting place. This process is scheduled every day according to the customer’s wishes.

Mortician Inc. apk

Training employees

Professional staff is essential for any business. Regularly hire and renew healthy employees. Because this job is quite tricky, the requirements are very high. However, as an intelligent boss, I know how to control and create a comfortable atmosphere. They feel respected and love their work to work effectively and quickly. Employees also need a reasonable break to balance things out. Without the supervision of their superiors, they can still get the job done well. The staff in this game is quite diverse, like in real life. Includes reception, driver transporting corpses and boxes, and security guards at the cemetery. So please be responsive and attentive to their individual needs. They will help and give you their best. That way, your business service will become more famous and developed.

Mortician Inc. mod apk

Business expansion

After you have a steady income, you should expand your funeral home. You can also join the cemetery simulation games included in the game to upgrade. Let’s start building a new facility with more spectacular interiors and services. Although it is a funeral home, it still needs careful investment. Modern materials, customers trust in its quality. Open more new rooms to organize more magnificent services. Invest in a freezer room to preserve the most advanced body. You can innovate funeral services by cremation. This way, not only does it take effort for the staff, but it is also convenient and clean. Hope you will gain a lot of profit after expanding, becoming an excellent burial house.

Mortician Inc. android

Idle & earn

Once you’re done with your business, you can earn business in pre-designed games. Increase Not only capital for business but also kill reasonable time. Your staff will work and manage the best service even when you are not at the store. You sit idle, and the money is still packed in that pocket. It’s worth investing in this service.

Mortician Inc. apk free

Pick up the phone and start the business life of the boss of a funeral empire! This game genre is very attractive and deadly attractive. Show your ability to manage and organize your business. Who knows, you will also have to trade something real later. So let’s get used to this from now on. So let’s pick up your mobile phone and enter this world immediately. Download Mortician Inc APK 1.0.39 and turn into a burial tycoon!

How to Download & Install Mortician Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money, chest) for Android


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