Monthly Entertainment MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Ticket) 1.0.264

Updated 23/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMonthly Entertainment APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money/Ticket
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Monthly Entertainment

Experience the feeling of becoming a famous music star in the entertainment industry in Monthly Entertainment. You will have the opportunity to enter the entertainment industry when you become a company executive. However, this is not an ordinary company that will operate in the music industry. So you can create your K-pop idol and join them in activities. Performances on stage will allow you to show your musical talent. And you can earn income by attracting fans to listen to music. Become a musical genius and run your entertainment company touring the world.

You will enter the entertainment industry when you start a music star company. They are musically gifted and will show this in front of an audience. And you will be the one to bring them to the top by training them to become music stars. So show your training ability and go everywhere with your idols. You will then earn profits from the fans who attend the concerts. It’s also an opportunity for you and your K-pop idols to make their debut in front of a raving audience. Collaborate with your young music stars to create outstanding music albums.

Monthly Entertainment android

Download Monthly Entertainment MOD APK – Run a management company with music stars

Entertainment has always been a diverse industry with many elements that challenge anyone new. And with your ambition, you defied obstacles and established an entertainment company. You aim to train young musical idols and tour the world with them. But finding musical talent will be the first challenge you face when starting a company. So you need to screen musically gifted people and train them to be progressive. You can schedule performances and engage a passionate audience when you’re ready. Attract audiences to concerts run by you and the young star.

Monthly Entertainment mod apk

Entertainment company

You have jumped into a challenging field: the world’s entertainment industry. This place gathers many people with the ambition to be famous, and you are one of them. But you understand the challenges you face on your journey to becoming successful. So you decide to set up an entertainment company and prepare for the next steps in the plan. You will find musically gifted people and train them to become famous. And the job you need to do is introduce them to the audience through spectacular performances. Run an entertainment company and show off your musical talents in Monthly Entertainment MOD APK.

Monthly Entertainment mod

Collaborate with idols

When starting an entertainment company, your goal is to build a music business empire. So the artists will be the decisive factor to your success in this field. And it would be best if you strengthen your chances of success by selecting potential people. They can be called musical geniuses, and you must train them to be progressive. Strategies to promote their talent must also be worked out for you to create a reputation. And when you’re ready, you’ll collaborate with your idols in the song production company. Show off your talent for managing your musical idols and make lots of money with them.

Monthly Entertainment apk

Great performances

You have successfully trained talented people, and they are called musical idols. They will tour with you worldwide with songs that will appeal to audiences. So those trips will allow you to help your idols become famous. Concerts will also be your stepping stones to debuting K-pop idols. In particular, you can also interact with fans and listen to their music requests. Listening to your audience will help you succeed more in your executive career. Create epic concerts and rock the music with your idols.

Monthly Entertainment free

Making money has always been everyone’s dream; you are standing in front of an opportunity no one else has. It is to enter the business of entertaining popular songs of idols. And you bravely set up your entertainment company to find musical talent. But they still need training, and you will be the one to help them express themselves on the stage. So to make them famous, you need to do concerts worldwide. Combining with idols will help you get more fans and profits. Download Monthly Entertainment MOD APK to become the owner of a worldwide entertainment empire.

How to Download & Install Monthly Entertainment MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Ticket) for Android


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