Monster Hunter MOD APK (Money/Exp/Damage) 1.3

Updated 21/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameMonster Hunter APK
PublisherKaituozhe Network
MOD FeaturesMoney/Exp/Damage
SupportAndroid 8.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Monster Hunter MOD APK detail?

1. DMG from Enemy is 1
2. EXP x10
3. Finish Battle add 1000 Gold

Introduce MOD APK Monster Hunter

Monsters are creatures that can create enormous destruction, especially in Monster Hunter. You will be transformed into a hero with extraordinary power flowing within you. Defeat all the most dangerous guys to get attractive coins. Free to roam on large continents full of dangerous things. Play and feel the attraction in fascinating hunting trips. This arduous journey will lead you to new ideas. Feel the power of each blade cutting into the flesh of the enemy.

Simple games always help us have a great time. One type of that type of play is Monster Hunter with its development. This game has received quite positive reviews from players. The images are depicted in the paintings along with unique movement. Brings a strange and fascinating experience that makes us unable to take our eyes off the screen. Surely you will not be disappointed when you download the game. Create your unique hunts.

Monster Hunter mod

Download Monster Hunter mod – Hunt all giant monsters

You are a monster hunter with highly professional skills wandering everywhere. Your specialty is to destroy all the monsters around you. Helping people everywhere have a peaceful and happy life. From this job, you can also earn a prosperous source of bonuses. When you select a particular target, the character will attack them with their ability. Killed monsters will drop loot based on their level. When you shoot a nightmare, it will also consume your body’s energy. You will need time to recover before you can continue attacking another target.


Monsters are distributed worldwide with a highly dense density around you. So they often create vandalism from large to small. When you go through different locations, you will also see typical monsters there. Each type possesses unique fighting abilities. Solving them will also take a lot of time and consume a lot of things. But in return, the higher the level, the more exciting items the monster will drop. These items can be equipment or things that bring you benefits. Players should strengthen their strength every day to be able to confront more muscular guys.

Monster Hunter mod free

Powerful Skill

Techniques can be used to fight monsters more easily. You can learn new strategies by leveling up. Each time we level up, we unlock many powerful learning secrets. From there, you can create extraordinary attacks or passives on your own. Causes enemies to face many disadvantages and also enhances their strength. Depending on each character in the game, you will get their unique moves. Please take advantage of these and upgrade them to maximize their stats. Throw everything you have to make the ferocious monsters lie down.

Monster Hunter mod apk

Owning amount

A mount is a companion that can help you in various situations. Horses can be obtained by paying with gems you collect in the game. Braces will help players move more quickly through areas. It also fights with you while in the state of attacking the opponent. You can summon a fire phoenix or a dragon to accompany you. They will make it easier for you to get the best loot. Causes hundreds of monsters to lie down. Roam everywhere with his powerful companions. Create journeys that are thousands of times more attractive.

Monster Hunter mod android

Complete mission

Players need to follow the quests of Monster Hunter to be able to develop quickly. Each task sets specific requirements for you to grasp and complete. The reward milestones will be equivalent to the difficulty that the study charges. You can complete as many tasks every day to receive rewards. However, the problem increases even more later on, according to the chapters. Makes you have to find new sources of power to upgrade your character. We need to be able to balance the elements necessary for potential. Monster Hunter mod will be what helps you get the ultimate power.

How to Download & Install Monster Hunter MOD APK (Money/Exp/Damage) for Android


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