Monster Adventure Merge Legend MOD APK (Free Factory Upgrade) 1.04.12

Updated 03/11/2022 (2 years ago)
NameMonster Adventure Merge Legend APK
PublisherPYD Games
MOD FeaturesFree Factory Upgrade
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Monster Adventure Merge Legend

In the Monster Adventure Merge Legend game, merge monsters and upgrade them to fight your enemies. You will start your journey with a small creature and a weak appearance. But their potential lies deep within and is only discovered when you are with them. Creatures can grow on food that you find for them from the journey. You will accompany them to grow up and fight to become strong against monsters. Your experience with the monster will become more enjoyable when you merge it. Adventure with your monsters so they will grow forever, thanks to your constant care.

In this battle with monsters, you will not be able to witness the battle between many monsters. But you will have your monster and accompany it from small to large. This monster was born and had a delicate appearance, but deep inside, it is vital. Its potential is still waiting to be discovered with your moves in the game. The process of monsters maturing must be accompanied by combat to perfect themselves. You’ll also be able to understand the monsters better and figure out the most accurate way to upgrade. Accompany your monsters and merge them from combat to become more and more powerful.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend apk

Download Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod – Merge powerful monsters

Your adventure in the new world will begin with getting yourself a monster. It carried an innocent look as if it did not know what everything around them was about to face. But the fight will soon make them more mature after each confrontation. Thanks to the loot, you will grow with your monsters in battle. Everything you find for the monster will be able to help it grow stronger with each level. And when it reaches the limit of the wall, fuse the monster with what it takes to evolve. Powerful monsters are in your possession, but the journey to that must pass through combat.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend free

Monsters fighting

You are allowed to own a monster to fight together in the adventure. It would help if you raised them to get the greatest strength to fight together. This nurturing journey may take many items, but it will be worth it. Your monster can get stronger and stronger through your care in the journey. You will control all their actions to bring them into battle. Your initial monsters may be very weak, but don’t be afraid to fight because of that. Join the monster battle to grow the monster you hold more and more.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend android

Unified factory

Your monsters need food to grow and unlock their hidden power. Their food is a worthy reward once a monster completes a confrontation challenge. The candies will be used by monsters as food so that they can grow. Moreover, you can combine two candies to gain more experience. The fusion factory is where the monster’s rewards can be merged. This will help them upgrade their basic parameters and become more assertive in battles. Earn enough candies for monster upgrades and merge them for your monsters to evolve quickly.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod apk

Monster Challenge

You are qualified to take a challenging path when you have yourself as a monster. But that is only the first step when there are many difficulties ahead, and your monsters are still small and weak. Once they grow up, the journey between you and the monster officially begins. The combat challenges will be challenging your monsters at the highest intensity. Only by training there can the monsters you raise develop themselves more. When the monster passes the test, the difficulty is also increased to test the ability. It’s not just about how you raise your pet but also about checking for monsters.

Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod

Fierce battles between monsters are waiting for you to move forward. You are given a monster that has not yet been unleashed to get this status. Your duty towards it is to nurture them and perfect monsters from combat. Use the bonus fusion factory to help your monsters gain more experience. When your monsters are strong enough, it’s time for you to join the monster wars. So lead your monsters against other monsters in monster challenges. Download Monster Adventure Merge Legend mod to merge and create your powerful monster.

How to Download & Install Monster Adventure Merge Legend MOD APK (Free Factory Upgrade) for Android


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