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Updated 04/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Money Lover

Financial management is essential no matter what age you are because saving, in the long run, will create a lot of benefits in the future. If you are having trouble managing your money, go with Money Lover. This lovely app will manage your expenses most clearly. Note that it only works when you connect it to your bank accounts. Start the process of saving and spending without waste. It’s hard to control at first, but you’ll be able to do it if you get used to it.

Observe your every activity in various crypto wallets. Money Lover will always notify you how much you have been replenished or paid. The account balance will also be displayed when you make a transaction. Nearly every Money Lover operation is similar to a bank message. However, you do have the right to change the names of the transactions, so you know what you’ve spent. From there, make a list of what you need and shouldn’t buy. Start your saving process in the very long run. If you persevere, you will save a large amount of money in the future.

Money Lover mod

Download Money Lover mod – Notify your spending in real-time

Link Money Lover to your bank accounts instantly. You will see the amount of money you have in many different accounts. But no need to access those banks but through Money Lover. When you make a transaction from any bank, whether by card or account, this app will notify you of the amount you just transacted. From there, subtract from the original account and show the remaining balance. When you do that, you’ll instantly know how much you’ve spent. Set multiple savings and reasonable spending goals. Once the money is deposited, Money Lover will still notify you as usual.

Money Lover mod apk

Financial and balance analysis

Over time the number of transactions will undoubtedly increase because you need to spend many things for many different purposes. At this stage, the Money Lover chart will have all the necessary information. These include what you spent on each category. This may include dining, entertainment, purchases, internet payments, or debt repayment. All will be displayed in great detail with the most accurate amount. When you observe, you will know what you spend the most on. Think about whether that thing matters compared to many other things; if the answer is no, stop buying them regularly. That way, you have saved some money already.

Money Lover mod apk free

Invoices with a deadline

More than just direct transactions, Money Lover will also observe recurring bills that you pay by month or year. It can be electricity bills, water bills, internet bills… Each item will have a certain amount and a fixed payment date. When it’s due, make sure your account balance is sufficient. Then you will press the payment button to deduct the amount that you have to pay. You will pay them directly with no further questions. There have been cases of automatic payments, but users did not know. This is a good way for Money Lover to limit this in the future.

Money Lover free

Daily savings goal

If you want to save more explicitly and definitively, use Money Lover as your metric. Your goal is to earn a certain amount of money over some time. It will calculate precisely how much you need to save in a day or a month. Once an amount has been earned, that milestone will be increased a bit again. A great way to get motivated and save more. When the goal is achieved, it will undoubtedly be great. You will use that money for the original purpose to satisfy your hard work.

Money Lover mod free

Don’t directly control how much you spend every day. You are the owner of that money, so how you spend it is your right. Money Lover mod only supports you in your spending process. Motivate you to save every day and create the rewards you deserve.

How to Download & Install Money Lover MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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