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Updated 18/06/2024 (5 days ago)
NameMiXplorer Silver APK
PublisherHootan Parsa
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SupportAndroid 2.2+
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Introduce MOD APK MiXplorer Silver

Managing files and data from now on will no longer be difficult with MiXplorer Silver. Developed for data security to varying degrees. Moreover, users can use it as software to store important data. MiXplorer Silver is quite suitable for work related to office and computer data. Even the most unexpected decoration for the interface will be met immediately. Few applications serve maximum users like this application. Not only storing data securely, but you can also edit them right in the application without the need for third-party tools.

Gathered inside MiXplorer Silver is enough data from images, files, text, sound. Each is neatly distinguished in different categories. Users can arrange them in a specific order, take them out and use them for many purposes, and secure each type, so they don’t leak easily. In short, MiXplorer Silver is a database in its basic form. With not too confusing usage, each type of document is distinguished. This has made many people trust and choose it as an indispensable tool in smartphones.

MiXplorer Silver mod

Download MiXplorer Silver mod – Store data and mine quickly all the time

The interface of MiXplorer Silver is quite simple and shows the most critical data clearly. Each different type of data such as images, documents, files will be classified separately into folders. Click on a folder to display all the files stored in it. You can freely move them out or share them on any platform. Deleting them inside MiXplorer Silver itself is also possible. In addition, we are also provided with many more features to edit files. Copy, insert data, change compatibility mode… There’s much more you can do inside this app. Now, let’s name each interesting function one by one.

MiXplorer Silver mod apk

Search files instantly

If you have too many files and are having trouble finding suitable files, don’t waste time checking each folder one by one. Use a file finder instead. The problem is how to find it? That is, using keywords to identify specific files. If you remember the name of the file, type it in. Otherwise, search using the keywords contained within that file. Text files are the easiest to explore with the keywords identified. Audio and video files are a bit more complicated. But if you remember their names, everything will be solved in a moment. Extremely convenient and fast.

MiXplorer Silver mod apk free

Various effects on files

We use MiXplorer Silver not only to store files. The convenience of this application lies in its ability to affect files to a certain extent. Word moves files from one location to another. Copy a file into multiple versions quickly. Crop and edit unimportant details, exclusively for image files. Send those files to others on different platforms and social networks. Whenever you need to send a file to someone, go to MiXplorer Silver because they have the fastest speed. It supports absolute information security and is not easy for outsiders to know with the information security mode in the application.

Quick and convenient decompression

The biggest problem when storing files is probably their size. For text and audio, it won’t matter too much. But photos and videos take up a considerable amount of space. Especially with high-quality videos that will consume a lot of space. No matter how much memory we have, we should optimize the size of the files. Otherwise, it will be overloaded and affected during use. That’s why you need to decompress them to a certain extent. MiXplorer Silver’s decompression function supports quite a few formats. So you don’t need to worry because your file has a strange format.

MiXplorer Silver mod free

Now you can rest assured that your documents are preserved on your mobile device. Actively grasp all activities and outside work. Then select the appropriate file and edit it accordingly. Send with lightning speed on all platforms and social networks. With just a few simple steps, you have perfect control and management of your files without any significant problems. Using MiXplorer Silver mod will make your work easier and more convenient.

How to Download & Install MiXplorer Silver APK for Android


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