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Updated 04/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMiami Police Crime Vice Simulator APK
PublisherWallace Lieakote
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator

We’ve seen too many crime-themed games like the legendary GTA series. So what if there was a game for you to be a police officer to catch criminals? If you cannot answer this question, Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator will do it for you. This open-world game doesn’t just let you play as a cop catching robbers. It also tells us a lot more interesting things about one of the most famous cities in America. That is crime and luxury. In this 3D role-playing game, you will play the role of the city’s policeman. Solve all criminal problems professionally.

The police must maintain order and security in the places for which they are responsible. Always have to investigate and track criminals everywhere. Prevent illegal acts and affect people. That is one of the jobs you will do in the Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator. In addition, the task system also gives you a lot of exciting tasks. If you don’t do enough, you can see the appeal of being a cop, just like the criminals out there.

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator mod

Download Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator mod – Execute justice in the big city

The city of Miami is hosting such a large number of police officers for the first time. So all of them have a lot of tasks to perform and maintain security in this vast city. You will also be one of the elite policemen. Perform many tasks assigned by superiors to ensure safety and order and granted the most necessary weapons and equipment to carry out the mission. Many interesting stories are waiting for you in Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator. From notorious criminals to many of the most engaging and funny tasks.

Controlling your character is also very easy with the virtual keys on the screen. You can walk around the city in any way you want. Running or driving is your right. Only when performing tasks do we have to follow instructions. If you make a mistake, you may have to redo it at any time, so be very careful. Or if you don’t like the role of the hero protecting the city, become a criminal and wreak havoc everywhere. But that means other cops won’t spare you.

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator mod free

Maintain the necessary stats

There are five basic stats of the character that you need to pay attention to the most. They are experience, stamina, health, property, and wanted level. Experience will help you level up and enjoy more exciting new features. Fitness is what gives you the strength to fight crime or do strenuous work. Assets determine how much money you have in your hand. Out of blood means you will lose your life. And if you misbehave, you can be a wanted target at any time. Experience and money are two things that can be obtained through quests. Other stats will depend on your actions.

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator mod apk free

Own everything

With just money, you can buy everything in this vast Miami city. Work hard on the mission to earn more money. In the following tasks, you will have the opportunity to drive a supercar to perform. Buy more expensive outfits and invite the girls to have fun together for many romantic evenings. Even though you are a police officer, you are still human with many needs and interests. So taking care of yourself will not be considered wrong. This is a game, and you can do whatever you want. Even perform like a criminal and run away from the police comrades who came to arrest him.

Exciting dense mission

The number of tasks is quite large, plus you can do many jobs at the same time. So you will earn a lot of money and experience by performing quests. They will sometimes be straightforward, like going to meet colleagues or doing recreational activities. Sometimes it’s difficult, like catching criminals. Fight against spoilers and lots of other crazy moves. Guaranteed to be a police officer will help you gain a lot of experience and different skills. Realize the consolidation of justice in this vast and modern city.

Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator mod apk

Being a cop or a criminal is your choice. So what are you waiting for, do not download Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator mod right away to realize your hobbyThe police storyline will have a lot of interesting details that I believe you are eager to do them. . Play the role of a true emissary of justice, don’t let evil run rampant and create chaos in Miami city.

How to Download & Install Miami Police Crime Vice Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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