Merge Battle Car MOD APK (High exp/Instant level up) 2.29.01

Updated on 25/05/2023 (1 week ago)
NameMerge Battle Car APK
MOD FeaturesHigh exp/Instant level up
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Merge Battle Car is a game for you to entertain with fighting cars from Noxgames. Owning and integrating new cars has many advantages over the previous version, bringing them to the track to collect bonuses. Merge Battle Car has a relatively simple gameplay but gives players a lot of fun. It is always interesting to unlock new and innovative cars. You have no idea what the upcoming car will look like. New cars are based on two or more variants of old cars. The player has a vehicle that possesses many outstanding advantages that bring in more bonuses. This game does not have to be on the track to compete with any opponent.

You want the garage to have how many cars fight enough to satisfy your desire. Merge Battle Car offers a simple game mode, but you will reach your limits. Although not very cool or can look at every angle like other racing games, Merge Battle Car still attracts millions of players. Unpredictable mysterious battle cars are waiting for you, please explore it.

Merge Battle Car mod apk

Download Merge Battle Car MOD – Merge the battle cars

With the simple circular track of Merge Battle Car, it is not. The cars you build will run continuously and bring bonuses when you finish. Turbo will help players bring bonuses with the movement speed of the car faster than the original. Increasing Nitro many times, players have difficulty controlling the bonuses. Every time the level increases, the track will increase the number of vehicles involved. Now that newly merged cars have the opportunity to roll, create the most unique models to bring here.

Diverse car shops

Cars in the Merge Battle Car game are not based on indicators such as speed or engine. The key factor of a car here is the speed of making money. You will see it on the right when you enter the store. Of course, players can upgrade it to a higher level with the Merge Battle Car MOD unlimited version from GameDVA. Rustbucket, Thruster, Junkrat, Thunderbolt, Tripwire are a few basic cars. There are still many other attractive cars that you do not know the shape or even its name is a secret. To get a complete vehicle collection from this game is not easy.

Merge Battle Car mod free

Upgrade cars

As for the upgrade of Merge Battle Car, there are not too many options. It is not lacking but in other parts it is too complete to improve a car. Track Upgrade, Discount, and Nitro are the three features that you will upgrade with Tokens. To convert tokens, players need to use coins.

Build your city

From the money earned, your city will be expanded based on the construction of buildings. Speeding up with diamonds, players easily complete the neighborhood’s modern infrastructure. Airports, hospitals, supermarkets … are the must-have items in a modern city today. Build your empire to reap huge profits with passive diamonds over time.

Merge Battle Car mod download

Merge Battle Car is not just an arena for cars. The workshop is also an unlocked feature when you reach level 9, the game always has such secrets that make you curious. Creating a car with a strong style and especially the speed of making money at a fast pace helps you support the construction of a vast city of dreams soon come true. Download Merge Battle Car MOD APK to unite combat vehicles and profit from them.

Download Merge Battle Car MOD APK (High exp/Instant level up) for Android

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