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Updated 28/12/2023 (2 months ago)
NameMekorama APK
PublisherMartin Magni
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Mekorama

Mekorama is a logic puzzle game through significantly invested and elaborate levels. With his unlimited creativity, the game maker has created countless puzzles. The game context is also straightforward, an adorable robot flying but having problems. That robot had to land reluctantly, and the level started like that. Players do not need to care much about where the robot comes from and its mission. Players also do not need to worry about the robot’s life because it is probably immortal. Stay focused on the challenging puzzles that are looming in front of you. I believe you can solve them quickly.

Perhaps players will be surprised at the simplicity of this game’s creativity. Mekorama offers puzzles that may not seem like much, but when you play, the surprise is revealed. The locations of each puzzle are both similar and have separate points. It’s still a lever, but on this level, it’s up and down; at the level, it’s left and right. The surprising rationality also occurs when there are hidden passages in the levels. Because the player’s perspective is the third person, not the robot’s front view, thanks to that design, players also need spatial imagination to solve puzzles. Play Mekorama now because the surprise is in each puzzle.

Mekorama mod

Download Mekorama mod – Help the robot solve puzzles

If you are looking for a game capable of awakening logical thinking, Mekorama is highly suitable. A flying robot with a big round eye suddenly fell to the screen. Shaping the robot is also very cute, and there is no doubt that this is a fair game. However, until the puzzles are challenging, this game is not very light. Players just need to click anywhere; the intelligent robot will go there. In addition, interactive terrain objects also help players solve puzzles. And as a puzzle game, of course, the levels are the most invested. The logic, the layout, and the way the organs come together are fantastic.

Mekorama apk

Creative puzzles

The most notable highlight of Mekorama is the game screen; the puzzles are full of wisdom. In the early stages, the puzzle is simply finding the exit and introducing the agency in the game. Players will not need to spend too much effort and time to solve this simplicity. However, once a few levels have passed, the game maker will bring reality immediately. Mechanics and details in previous puzzles can be combined. That unexpected combination makes players smile and thinks carefully. Let’s take an example; in the previous level, you will encounter a tunnel mechanism, but the path is unclear. At the next level, the player must use the lever to move the robot around. And to the next level, the combination of the hidden path and the swipe mechanism will appear. Be very alert in each situation to solve the puzzles.

Mekorama mod apk

Simple gameplay

Because game makers understand that gamers have used a lot of energy to think, the robot moves in Mekorama are not complicated. To make the robot go from one point to another, the player must touch that point. The robot will find the shortest and simplest route to the desired location. Of course, that simplicity the robot cannot do on its own, but thanks to you. You need to use the up and down, left, and proper lever mechanisms to create a path for the robot. Doing this on the screen is exceptionally gentle, just touch and drag the organ. Not stopping there, players can also interact with large screen blocks. Specifically, there will be a screen where the terrain agency is located on an axis that can be rotated. Players need to rotate the entire terrain to help the robot escape quickly.

Mekorama apk free

Create your own quizzes

Besides the many levels the game maker creates, players can also do it. This is also considered a feature that helps promote the creativity of players. Gamers will be provided with a lot of different types of terrain blocks to combine. There are foundation blocks such as stone, red brick, grass blocks, and step blocks to create standing points. Next are the rotating shaft blocks and the pull axis blocks to make the moving body of the game screen. There are also environmental blocks, such as water blocks, increasing the realism of your levels. Create creative combinations of terrain blocks with organs to create great puzzles. If you’re lucky, it can become an official level.

Mekorama android

A puzzle game with gentle graphics and a cute, big-eyed robot character. Along with the game screen ready to revive logical thinking and imagination in you. Download Mekorama mod to control a flightless robot that collects stars through levels and solves challenging puzzles.

How to Download & Install Mekorama MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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