Mega Tower MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, instant win, onehit) 3.0.3

Updated 12/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameMega Tower APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited ammo, instant win, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Mega Tower

If you could participate in a highly terrible battle right now, what would you do? Maybe unthinkable things will happen. Please experience more carefully when coming to Mega Tower. This is a world where you will live in sturdy towers with modern technology. It will protect you and your teammates from threats. Help bring about significant victories like never before in history. The superiority of advanced technology is the source of limitless power.

Although it is a strategy game, Mega Tower is a little different from other games. This difference makes it so much more unique and attractive. Attracting many players around the world to experience and download. Encourage each individual’s creativity to seek victory. The explosive and powerful fighting images will make anyone satisfied. From there, there is excitement and joy when deciding to choose it for entertainment.

Mega Tower mod

Download Mega Tower mod – Build the most substantial building in the universe

On your planet, frequent threats come from space. So there needs to be a particular plan to protect the residents of this place safely. Building a tower is the best choice to accomplish this great goal. You will build up primary buildings initially to block weak enemies first. Then, when you have enough resources, you will merge the same towers to create a new outlook. This new tower will be stronger and superior in every way. Gives you the ability to withstand the subsequent attacks of the opponent. Everything will be automatically operated, so you don’t need to do much.

Mega Tower mod free

Collect Artifacts

The primary artifacts are the ones that give a lot of support in your defense. They will be divided into many different types with specific buff effects. Be it increasing shield effectiveness, turret damage, or repelling enemies. The artifacts are divided into several levels, and the strongest are the purple ones. You can completely level them up using the money you earn, and increased efficiency brings to become stronger over time. However, it is necessary to read their effects carefully to choose the right one for your goals. Otherwise, you will waste this invaluable help.

Facing Ancient Creatures

Enemy attacks aren’t the most significant threat you’ll ever encounter. Those must be raids by ancient creatures from the edge of the universe. They have existed for billions of years and have accumulated for themselves an only source of power. Seeing that you are a necessary target, they will automatically come to you. Make cosmic wars for your inhabitants. To fight these guys, for example, a giant octopus, you need to have enough strength. Build denser and more modern attack turrets to take enough damage and finish it off. Do not let failure because otherwise, it will swallow everything you hold dear.

Mega Tower mod apk

Use skills

The tower you are controlling will also provide specific skills to use when needed. These skills can create a large shield to block the enemy’s attack. Restores lost HP or multiply the attack power of turrets. It can also reduce the recharge time of your weapons. Every time you level up, you unlock new skills. You can equip what you need and use it for a particular purpose. However, these skills will also take a certain amount of time to cool down. Please don’t waste it, or it will put you in a predicament.

Mega Tower mod android

Upgrading battle turrets

The battle towers are permanently mounted at the top of the building and used for defense when needed. These towers will be divided into D, C, B, A power levels, and the strongest is S. These towers can also be upgraded with your money to become stronger. Every time you raise to the highest level of the requirement, it is possible to break through with another material. After a successful breakthrough will be increased by one-star corresponding to the battle level. If you reach a maximum of five stars, your turret will be the most vital thing in the world. Collect and equip as many five-star S rankers to get the most robust battle lineup.

From what has been obtained above, you can somewhat understand what the Mega Tower mod can bring. Download and build yourself the most powerful tower in history.

How to Download & Install Mega Tower MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, instant win, onehit) for Android


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2 years ago

how to turn the player menu

2 years ago

Why we can’t bind the account I also tried to get the data then transfer it to the original app so I can bind but still not working? Please how to bind the account from the mod?