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Updated 04/11/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMaki Plus APK
PublisherSunshine Apps
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Maki Plus

Facebook and Messenger are the two applications with the largest number of users. Most people download it on their devices. Let you surf the internet, text messages with loved ones. It is an information channel, allowing you to catch up with information as soon as possible. But sometimes, accessing these two applications still fails. Doesn’t give you the full experience. Well then, now let’s use Maki Plus. Application dedicated to Facebook and Messenger. For users on the same interface. There was no error in use and there was no need to split two separate applications. Still provides you with the full range of features. Surf the internet and connect to information in the fastest way. You will be used with a completely new interface.

Maki Plus will give you a new look at the above two applications. From now on, you no longer have to use two separate apps on the device. No need to download Facebook or Messenger anymore, you can still access it. Interesting, isn’t it? If you regularly go online and makeup conversations. Use Maki Plus – an app that offers great services. Connect and use the same application. Simple operation, friendly interface. Everyone can use it. Surely you will not be disappointed when using it. Displays tools and gives you the smoothest access.

Maki Plus mod

Download Maki Plus mod – Alternative application for Facebook, Messenger

It sounds weird, right when it can be used in the same application. Maki Plus lets you install and use it as usual. Still have all the same functionality as when using Facebook and Messenger. The app is a perfect choice for you. If you don’t want to use the native app, you can use Maki Plus. It won’t be as different as if you were using the other two. Maki Plus will also give you enjoyable experiences. There are also a lot of people who know it and use it. Combine two applications into one, extremely convenient. You will also be able to use it anytime, anywhere. With Maki Plus access the network with new features.

Maki Plus mod free

Use on the same interface

If Facebook and Messenger, you will have to use two separate applications. Sometimes you have to log out of the application one at a time. Maki Plus will be used on the same interface and has its own functions. No more downloading two heavy-duty apps. Maki Plus will still give you full access to all the features. Surf the network, send and receive messages in one interface. Convenient to use and suitable for most devices. Capacity when downloading the device only occupies a small capacity. Maki Plus also assists in solving user privacy issues.

Maki Plus mod apk


Maki Plus’s interface is quite similar to Facebook. Also provides enough toolbars for you to use. It is broken down into each section in the application. If you are not familiar with it at first, you will find it a bit complicated. But only need to go through a few uses. You will find it very simple and very convenient. The categories are all streamlined. For users to use with all the features. The most user-friendly with easy log-in steps. Works across devices and brings a very different version to the user. If you want to start with another way of using Facebook. Please choose Maki Plus to use offline, I believe it will bring many wonderful things to you.

Maki Plus mod android

No advertising

Surely when using Facebook you will encounter ads. Annoying you when the user is not fully used. But when using Maki Plus, you will not encounter any ads. The situation of surfing Facebook often encountering ads will make you uncomfortable. Because Facebook increasingly runs more ads. If you do not want to encounter ads when using, please use Maki Plus. Doesn’t disturb you and also has the feature to block ads. Gives users free, fuss-free access.

Maki Plus application for users using social networks. With new features and tools. Use Facebook and Messenger in the same app. Download photos and videos, Maki Plus also takes up quite a little space on the device. Block ads and unnecessary content. For users to have the most effective surfing. Access with high speed and display functions to the user. Download Maki Plus mod using social networks today.

How to Download & Install Maki Plus APK for Android


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